Disneyland Has Future Competition?

Over the weekend, there was an article being shared on Facebook and Twitter, called “British Disneyland to open in 2021!”. At first, probably like most people, I clicked the link thinking Disneyland was coming to Britain. And within seconds of opening the article I was quickly disappointed.
You can read the article here, however, it basically explains the London Resort Company Holdings will start building a “Hollywood-styled fairground” that will promise to be “the world’s greatest theme park” and rival to Disneyland Paris. The project will begin in 2018, and has a planned finish and opening of 2021. The Theme Park will cost £2 Billion, and will be located outside of London, in Kent.

But, is it really going to be able to compete with Disneyland?
disneylandparissunsetPersonally, it’s time we had a new theme park. Alton Towers and Thorpe Park have been around a while now, and you can still spend just one day in either park. Although both parks have hotels, I’ve never felt the need to stay. And apart from the big rides, there’s nothing else really that I would choose to do.
Don’t get me wrong, I think Alton Towers especially, do cater for family’s with small children. They have the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ride, and the Cbeebies, although I do feel Alton Towers is expensive for what’s there.
Speaking of Alton Towers, they are still trying to re-cover from the incident on The Smiler last year. Sadly I don’t know anyone who has visited the park since, and it’s only and hour’s drive from where I live.
So a Hollywood-style theme park sounds exciting, new and hopefully will be full of entertainment as well as rides, and worth the nights stay in a park hotel.
disneylandridesHowever, Universal Studios, Florida is right next to Walt Disney World, and yet, that’s still trying to compete with Disney. Despite it now having Harry Potter World, universal does not take near as much money, and still doesn’t have enough to keep you staying at the park for as log as Disney.
Disney has such high standards within the parks, never mind the company, I think any new theme park would struggle to compete, because they have not had the longevity of setting such high standards. I mean Disneyland is spotless! You might think that a clean park doesn’t mean its a fun park, but you wouldn’t sleep in a dirty hotel room? You pay a lot of money to stay and play at Disney, and they go out of their way to make sure you leave having had a magical experience. No other Theme Park does that.
disneylandscorcerormickeyWe still have 5 years to wait for this “new” park resort to open, and we will be able to make a proper judgement then. but one last point I’d like to make is, we can’t forget our British weather. I mean I have my heating on right now, and it’s nearly the end of April?! Although France is only across the pond, they do still have better weather than us. And the weather has made a difference in the past to whether or not we have gone to Alton Towers.
So right now, I can’t see this new park being a rival to Disneyland Paris. In 5 years time though, I might be proven wrong. And a part of me hopes I will be, because I’d like Britain to have a fun and exciting reason for tourists to visit.
We’ll see…

“Disneyland, the only place in the world where we can be children.”



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