Captain America: Civil War

Yesterday our wait was over, and so would the battle of who’s side are you on: #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan.
I was not going to wait any longer, so I took the Hubby & the in-laws and we watched it last night!
Captain America has been my favourite superhero for a while now – check out my Top 5 Superheroes here – so I was always leaning towards Team Cap. I have a soft spot for the War Hero.


Having always fought his way through life, and to prove his worth & honour, he lost a great deal. He believes in himself and the good in others. Some people, like Iron Man may see that as a flaw, but Captain America is probably the only selfless superhero. He doesn’t fight for himself, he fights for everyone else, especially the little guy.
The previous Captain America films were awesome. The Winter Soldier was just jam-packed with action, just like the Avengers films. And Civil War did not dissappoint! It may be my favourite of the three. When I see it again I’ll make that decision for definit.

You might be worried that Civil War is really another Avengers film. Yes there were avengers in the film and the bonus of two new characters, but luckily, I still felt like I was watching a Captain America film.
Now as I just mentioned, we saw a couple of new characters introduced in Civil War: Spiderman & Black Panther. All I’m going to say is I am so glad both these new characters have their own films being released. They were such a surprise for me, and are the most memorable!

Spiderman in particular will surprise you. After seeing Tom Holland as Peter Parker, he is the Spiderman we have been waiting for. Toby Maguire and that other guy are RUBBISH! I wish those films hadn’t been made. Tom Holland is perfect and was born to play Peter Parker.

I want to watch the film again, and I am still on Captain America’s side – sorry Iron Man, but you can be a knob!
So go and watch it – it’s epic! That’s really all I can say to describe it.

“This job… we try to save as many people as we can. Sometimes that doesn’t mean everybody, but you don’t give up.” – Steve Rogers



2 Replies to “Captain America: Civil War”

  1. #TEAMCAP!!!
    I loved the film so much and there wasn’t a moment in it where I didn’t enjoy myself!! I loved the Black Panther – he was awesome!! I also loved the new SpiderMan as he was so funny! I still like Andrew G as Spidey, but the new guy brought a new side to him! Tania xx


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