Star Wars: My Top 5 Characters

There’s going to be a few Top 5’s this month, and they are ALL Star Wars related! YAY! So I thought I’d start with my Top 5 Characters, cus lets face it, they are kind of important to the movies.

5. Obi-Wan Kenobi
Although Obi-Wan became a Jedi ghost very quickly with the original trilogy, Ewen McGregor got to bring him back to life for us fans in Episodes 1-3. He is not the wise old man we know from A New Hope, instead we see a strong, young leader, who would be involved in one of the most epic battles in the entire saga: Fighting against his apprentice.

4. Yoda
I loved Yoda as a kid. I would just watch Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi so I could see the scenes with Yoda. He is so wise, and he speaks in such a unique form. You know you’ve tried to say a sentence the way Yoda would say it. Plus that lightsabor fight between Yoda and Count Dooku made him little bit awesome!

3. Han Solo
The handsome scoundral was a favourite of mine from a very young age. His charm, that smile, he was the first un-likely hero. A selfish pilot who only cared about what he could get for himself, would be part of saving the Galaxy. His brotherly relationship with chewbacca is very comical, and his love/hate relationship with Princess Leia, makes him one of the most likeable characters in the Saga.

2. Darth Vador
One of the greatest Villains to ever be seen on the big screen, Darth Vador is my number 2. Despite his Dark Side, he is a very like-able villain. We saw a tiny bit of light in episode 4 with Princess Leia, not knowing she is in fact his daughter. But it was episode 5 that we saw his first signs of vulnerability, when he faught his own son. And then ultimitly, the light won him over in episode 6, when he betrayed the Emperor to save Luke and the galaxy.

1. Finn AKA FN-2187
The young Storm-Trooper turned rebel is my number 1 because he surprised me from the moment I first saw him in The Force Awakens. I’d seen him in the trailer, but it didn’t give anything away about his storyline. He became an un-likely hero, and he had great moments that made me laugh. Finn is one of the main reasons I love The Force Awakens so much. I can’t wait to see him again in episode 8!

Well? What do you think of my choices? Let me know who would be in your Top 5.

Jedi Wynder


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