Star Wars: Episode II

I went on a blind date for the first time, when I saw Attack of the Clones in the cinema. I couldn’t tell you what his name was, because all I remembered was how awesome the film was. Obviously I didn’t see the blind date again.
Episode 1 gave us Anakin’s back story. We saw where he came from, what his interests were, and found he had no idea the force was strong in him. Oh and he created C3-PO.
anakin2Episode 2, 10 years after episode 1, we see a young, good lookin Anakin. Straight away we see he makes his own decisions, despite being given orders from Obi-Wan. We also see a hot-temper in him, frustration, jealousy, all signs pointing to… well you know the story.
The one thing that confused and annoyed me was Anakin’s relationship with Padme. She’s supposed to be ALOT older than him and yet she hasn’t aged since episode 1. She is no longer Queen Amadila, which was confusing anyway. But it was how quickly they fall in love. Plus Jedi are not aloud to fall in love! Naughty Anakin.
Personally I felt they could have cast better actors for the parts of Anakin and Padme, ESPECIALLY Anakin. The little boy in episode 1 was painful to watch, but Hayden Christennsen I wanted to physically grab him out of the screen and hurt him. He is such a bad actor. Any time Anakin showed emotion, it was MAJORLY OVER THE TOP. So he nearly ruined the film for me.
anakin&padmeLuckily though, Obi-Wan kicks ass, Yoda kicks ass, and we finally see young Bobba Fett! This plus AMAZING special effects, is what makes Episode 2 my favourite out of the first 3 episodes. And to give us Christopher Lee, who plays another great villain as Count Dooku was the icing on the cake. Actually no, giving us the lightsabor battle between Count Dooku and Yoda was the icing on the cake really.
count dookuAlso, we really get to see a lot more of the Jedi, and we see them in action. There’s female jedi, and every lightsabor is different, mainly being the colours. For example, Mace Windu’s lightsabor is PURPLE!
Episode 2 brings us that little bit closer to finding out the real story of how Anakin Skywalker had a family, but joined the Dark Side and became Darth Vador.

Look out for “Fun Facts” about Attack of Clones in the next post…. until then…

“You don’t want to sell me death sticks.” – Obi-Wan



2 Replies to “Star Wars: Episode II”

  1. I love this post! You can’t beat some Star Wars on a bad day, it’s an instant booster I find and you’re right, Yoda does kick some serious ass in this film. I always love finding out more about the lore in the Star Wars universe and seeing the characters develop and brilliant quote to add at the end! – Tasha


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