Disney Era Tag – The Golden Era

Yay, anther tag! Jade form Outside the Tower and Hayles from Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo, tagged me to do this one. I have already published a post on The Golden Era, but I love taking part in Tags. Plus, with me going on about Star Wars all month, I though it would be a nice change for you, the readers.

You can read Jade’s answers to the tag here, and Hayles’ answers here. Oh and thank you Jade for tagging me. Right so on with my answers…

1. Any unseen films?
No I have seen them all!

2. What is your favourite film of the era?
Ooh this is hard, probably Dumbo, because I love the moral behind the story, the music, the colours. And it makes me a bit emotional watching it, now that I’m a mummy.

3. What is your least favourite film of the era?
I love them all, but Pinocchio can be hard to watch sometimes. When I was really little, it used to scare me. The thought of being taken away by strangers, and never seeing my parents again was frightening. Now it’s hard to watch because I am a parent, and the thought of Jacob being misguided by strangers – ugh I can even think about it.

4. Who is your favourite main character?
Mickey Mouse, in Fantasia!

5. Who is your favourite villain?
The Evil Queen. She is very beautiful and stylish, and yet she turns into the ugliest hag, showing how ugly she really is, on the inside.

6. Who is your favourite sidekick?
Dopey! Although, I’m not sure if he is counted as a sidekick?! But he is a wonderful character, and reminds me of my Dad.

7. What is your favourite song of the era?
Baby Mine, I always sing it to Jacob, and he nuzzles his head into my neck “awwww” hehe.

8. What do you consider to be the most underrated film of the era?
Definitely Fantasia. A lot of people don’t like it, because it’s not a “story” for them to watch, But what people need to do, is appreciate it. It was only the third feature film that Walt Disney made, and he took such a risk, so early in the studios career. Animating along side pieces of music is so brilliant! And as far as I know, no one else has done it.

9. What is your favourite thing about this era?
The risks Disney took, choosing the stories. At the time no one else was making animated feature films, and yet apart from Snow White, the other 4 films were risky stories to tell. And the animation was beautifully made, and the films are not out-dated.

10. What is your least favourite thing about this era?
How unsuccessful they were at the box office at the time they were released (apart from Snow White). Fantasia being the biggest flop.

So now you’ve read my answers, lets see who I’ve tagged to do it next…

Emily, Stacey, Danielle, Maddy, Natasha and Kim!

Can’t wait to read your answers!



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