Star Wars – Episode III

Oh boy do I remember the build up to this film! But I hadn’t been waiting as long as fans who went to see A New Hope back in 1977 for the first time. Fans of the saga were finally going to see the fall of Anakin Skywalker and the rise of Darth Vador, one of the most iconic movie villains of all time.

But with the success of Episode 1 and 2, the excitement was everywhere. Every fan had imagined their own idea of what happened to Luke’s father. The imagination of every Star Wars fan was being put to the test. Who’s theory was going to be on the big screen? For me, I actually didn’t imagine anything specific, but i trusted George Lucas’ fantastic story-telling and believed he wouldn’t disappoint.

Summer 2005, the wait was over. I was still living in Spain at the time, but luckily my local cinema was showing it in English – Thank God! Because I would have watched it in Spanish anyway, I just wouldn’t have understood everything.

Now if you read my post about Episode 2, you will know my dislike to the chosen actors of Anakin and Padme and how weird the relationship is. This dislike grew stronger when watching Episode 3 for the first time. I actually scream at the telly now because the acting is so terrible! We all kinda knew Padme was going to be the Mother of Luke and Leia when they got married at the end of Episode 2, so it was of no surprise to see padme pregnant so early on in the film. What I didn’t understand was, is how NO ONE new they were together and that she was pregnant?! How did the Jedi not sense something??

Also who knew when watching Episode 2 that Senator Palpatine was the Emperor?! Yeah I guessed it too, but it turns out it is the same actor from Return of the Jedi – I didn’t even know that until a couple of years ago! But despite that, he always sounded very similar to the emperor, and some of his mannerisms reminded me as well. And low and behold, I guessed right. Although, having not had a relationship together before this film, I did feel Anakin trusted and was loyal to quickly with the senator. and I felt the senator’s influence on him was too easy.

I don’t just have negative thoughts on the film, don’t panic. I love how many different settings we see in this film in particular, Chewbacca’s home. I was not expecting to see him or any wooki for that matter. And even though it’s the saddest part of the film, it’s a great scene when you see all the Jedi being assassinated. You get a real sense of how powerful they once were, and how much of a threat they are to the Emperor. Although when Anakin kills the young padowin’s that was really hard to swallow. That action is unforgivable by Anakin, and for me, that point is where he chose the Dark Side.

The great lightsaber and student/teacher battle between Obi-Wan and Anakin is probably one of the best scenes in the movie. We saw the beginning of Anakin’s disregard to Obi-Wan’s orders in Episode 2, and we see Anakin basically cheating on Obi-Wan by seeking guidance from the Senator instead of his Master. But during the battle, we see how Obi-Wan really felt towards Anakin. He loved him, as Father would or as a brother.
One thing I do want to mention though is when Padme arrives before Obi-Wan to ask Anakin if what she has been told is true, is the most cringing scene in the whole film.

Anakin you're breaking my heart GIF “Anakin, you’re breaking my heart.” Ugh such bad acting, and then to find out later that THAT IS HOW SHE DIES? Of a broken heart?! C’mon George!

So yeah, the big battle is awesome. And not once does Anakin think he has done wrong. He truly believes his actions were justified, and that Obi-Wan is wrong.

*cookoo cookoo* however, seeing this massive scene build and build, knowing any moment I was going to see the fall of Anakin – and then I get the biggest surprise… He gets MELTED BY LAVA?!?! C’MON GEORGE! Seriously this is how he ends up as Darth Vador?

Apart from Padme dying of a broken heart while giving birth, the scene with Obi-Wan hiding Luke and Leia always gives me goosebumps, partly because of the music playing in the background. But also finally seeing how they were separated and for what cause. Knowing the story would continue 20 years later when Luke would come across new droids…

Lastly, however, I was glad to see Anakin in pain after being burned almost all over his body. And hearing the iconic breathing when the helmet of Darth Vador is put on him gave me goosebumps as well. The legendary James Earl Jones reprises his role as the voice of Vador. Except, was there any need for the dramatics…
anakinbecomesdarthvadorHad to spoil the moment didn’t you! Scene ruined!

So as you can probably gather by now I have very mixed feelings about Episode 3. Over-all, a massive build-up, which was then spoilt by bad-acting, and disappointing choices in storylines. The film was saved by great action scenes and amazing special effects.


Jedi Wynder


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