Star Wars – Episode IV

On the 25th May, 1977, the world changed forever. A new universe was born. New Heroes came into our lives. And the sound of heavy breathing would become our text tone.
For me, Star Wars: A New Hope was the greatest movie I had ever seen. As a child, I could put on the video and escape into a fantasy world like no other. I would pretend to be a Jedi, helping Luke. I wanted to be part of the gang, fighting against the Empire.
hanlukeandleiaI was never the type of fan who watched and took everything literally, and picked a part the film’s flaws. I always watched the film as a whole, and appreciated it as a great movie. Although now I’m older and love knowing how movies are made, I have noticed the flaws. And I do agree with the majority of fans in that the added special affects George Lucas did for the 20th anniversary, kinda ruined some of the magic.
There was no need for the added scene of Han Solo and Jabba the hut in front of the Mellinium Falcon. However I must say, it was amazing graphics at the time. And the iconic “who shot who first” scene with Han Solo and the Bounty Hunter. It makes me laugh how serious the fans have taken this particular argument. But they are right.
As a young girl, and being a bit of a “tom boy’, I still wanted to be Princess Leia. I loved her bravery, her independence and her ambition. She is no damsel in distress. She can stand up for herself. And I loved that she didn’t swoon over Luke or Han. She stayed focused on the cause. Even though you knew she liked Han, she didn’t let that distract her from her purpose.
princessleiaStar Wars: A New Hope is a great story about good versus evil. The difference though between this and the rest of the films that have the same basic storyline is an ICONIC villain, and un-likely gang of heroes, brought together unintentionally, fighting to save the galaxy.

I can’t wait for Jacob to watch Star Wars, especially A New Hope, because it means so much to me. It’s a big part of my childhood, and a massive part of my love of film. I mean, what would movies be like today if Star Wars hadn’t been made?

And you know despite how brilliant technology has advanced, majority of film and Star Wars fans prefer the visual techniques used in the original Star Was Trilogy. We could see the heart and hard work that went into to making probably the greatest Sci-Fi movie ever!
XWINGSSo yeah, I prefer the original trilogy, and you can hopefully sense that lol. But I also know that it’s not to everyone taste. I’d love to know your thoughts on my Star Wars posts so far. And Let me know which is your favourite!


Jedi Wynder


2 Replies to “Star Wars – Episode IV”

  1. I’m really enjoying these Star Wars posts Jamie. Star Wars has always been a huge love of mine and A New Hope is defiantly one of my favourites! Can’t wait to read the rest of your posts on the original trilogy as personally they are the best! Jade x


    1. YES!!! So glad you agree with me – they r the best. My husband prefers the newer trilogy (he’s a newbie). So happy you’re enjoying the posts, the saga is so huge for me. I could speak about it for ages but apart from my father in law, I don’t have a lot of die hard fans to have long discussions with lol. Thanks for reading xxxxx


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