A New Hope – Fun Facts

Now it’s time for fun facts about A New Hope! And believe when I say, there was LOADS! Yeah, 329 to be exact on IMDB. I’ve watched the special features for this film so many times I can’t count, so I know a lot of behind the scenes facts and how the story first came about. This is why I love buying the DVDs.
lukeandchewyAnyway, so using my knowledge, and google, here are a few facts that you might not already know…

• George Lucas was convinced his film was going to be a flop, that he went on holiday with his mate Steven Spielberg and they wrote Raiders of the Lost Ark! They went to Hawaii by the way.

• James Earl Jones, the voice of Darth Vader, and David Prowse, the body of Darth Vader, have actually never met! How weird is that?!

• Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamil did the swinging scene themselves, no stunt doubles were used. And they did it in one take! They would not get away with doing that now though lol.

• In order to get the film made, George Lucas accepted a lower salary on the film in exchange for full merchandising rights. This was considered crazy because at the time, no film had made a lot of money on toys. But boy did he make the right decision. Star Wars merchandise was such a success it changed the history of film merchandising for the future!

• The second most attended film of all time in North America, having sold an estimated 178 million tickets over its various theatrical runs, which would equate to gross of approximately $1.48 billion at 2015 ticket prices. The only film to have sold more tickets is Gone with the Wind with 202 million.

• The word “Jedi” is derived from the Japanese words “Jidai Geki,” which translate as “period adventure drama.”

• Darth Vader was the first character George Lucas created.

• Some fans took offense to the fact that Chewbacca did not receive a medal in the closing scene. MTV remedied this twenty years later when they gave the character a Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by none other than Carrie Fisher!

• Within three weeks of the film’s release, 20th Century Fox’s stock price doubled to a record high.

• The movie opened in May 1977 and by November had beat Jaws as the all-time domestic (U.S.) box-office champion. It then was beaten by E.T., but was back on top when it was re-released in 1997. It held that position until Titanic in 1997.

• The first science fiction film to be nominated for Best Picture Academy Award.

So were you surprised at some of these facts? Any you’d like to share, please leave me a comment. I mean honestly there was so many facts that I found, I had to be brutal. Although I probably missed a few good ones as well. Never mind… can’t wait for Empire Strikes Back….




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