What’s New…

I realised today that there’s a few things that’s happened to me recently which you may not know about. My life is not ALWAYS about Disney. It’s a very big passion of mine though. So here’s what’s new with me…

I am typing on my brand new MacBook Air. Yes I invested in one of the best laptops. I was battling for far too long with a laptop that had to be plugged in ALL THE TIME! (The battery fell out). I had waited long enough to get a new computer, and I had researched it too. I was originally gona get an iPad 2 Pro, because I could have drawn on it. But I was worried I’d be restricted with it being a tablet. So I went with the Air. I love it. I also got a beautiful ocean green rubberised cover. So fancy.
Oh and you may not know yet, but I am back at work after a year off! And you know what? I actually like being back at work. Everyone was really happy I came back and the hours are perfect for my mother-in-law to watch Jacob, so I don’t have to pay for child care. It’s good to be around adults again.

Last month I celebrated Star Wars on the blog! It was so fun, although I am aware Star Wars is not for everyone. But as a big fan, I got to express my opinion on each film, and I did a fun fact post for each episode too. I learnt a few things you know.
Also last month I participated in my first live twitter movie night. All thanks to Jemma over at Dorkface, creator of #TheGirlGang. The girls and I all watched Mean Girls, which was a really good choice for the first flick. I had forgotten how funny it was too. Was so much fun tweeting our thoughts, and seeing similar commentary.
I’m really excited about this month though. I am turning 30 on the 19th – WOO WOO! Yes I’m excited about turning 30. I have no bother with ageing. I still get ID’d so that helps. Although my mum happily pointed out a few grey hairs yesterday. Thanks mother!
Anyway, most importantly I am going to DISNEYLAND PARIS!!!! In 2 WEEKS! YES!!!!! A day in Disney and a day in Paris, BOOM! I have not been to DLP since I was 6 years old – 24 YEARS AGO! And to feel part of the “gang”, I ordered my Disney Ears, which have arrived and are FAB! All thanks to ClosetGeek! So expect a few post about my trip when I get back…
Speaking of posts, so excited for up and coming posts this month, including my Tsum Tsum Tag, Disney Q & A, Zootopia and Alice Through the Looking Glass reviews, just to name a few.

I am trying really hard to juggle real life and my blog. Going back to work has been good for me, socially, but I have struggled to make time for random blog posts, social media etc. However, at the moment I don’t want a schedule. I want to keep my blogging free as possible, because it’s for me at the end of the day.

Well now that you’re all caught up I am bona chill for a bit before going to bed. I’d love to know what’s new with you, so leave a comment, or tweet me.



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