Zootopia (Zootropolis) – Amazing!

I saw it, and loved it! Thank you Disney for bringing Judy Hopps into my life. And for bringing cute funny animals back to the big screen. Have you seen it yet? If you haven’t you need to. It’s released on DVD soon, and you will be glad to have it in your collection.

The finished film was not the original story Disney intended to make. For a start Judy Hopps was supposed to be the supporting character. Zootopia’s first Bunny Cop is the hero of Disney’s all animal feature. Check out my post about Gennifer Goodwin, the voice of Judy. She was perfect for the part, Judy is super cool!
judynickselfie2Judy comes across the con artist, Nick Wilde, while giving out parking tickets. She is quickly scammed by the sly fox, which at first dis-heartens the naive bunny. However, thankfully, Nick becomes of use to her solving a case, and he is quickly dragged along to help Officer Hopps, using his “skills” to their advantage.

The film has a great cast of actors which did not disappoint, including Idris Elba (yummy). He plays Chief Bogo, a hard ass who at first, is not so keen on counting on Officer Hopps to solve an important case. Which is one of many scenes which shows the real message behind this Disney Classic.
chiefbogoThe only problem I had with the film, is the lack of music. The only song from the film, Try Everything performed by Shakira, is fantastic. It has a great tune, and a catchy chorus. The scene when Judy first travels to Zootopia listening to her “iPod” and the song plays, is so good. But that’s it! the song repeats at the end of the film, so we hear the same song twice.
I’m not meaning it should have been a musical, but they could have created a great soundtrack, even if they hand picked chart singles, and had them playing in the background. That would have been better than no music.

On a more positive note, the creators really did think of everything when making this film. Making it modern for a start, and including very familiar products, such as their own “iPhone”. This really made the characters more relatable to the audience, despite being animals, being in a familiar setting and using familiar everyday items.

However there is a a big message in this film, using the themes of “prey” and “Predator”, “cute” and “scary”, “big” and “small” to make a very big point of how the world can be sometimes. But I don’t want to say much more in case you’ve not seen it. But it’s very cleverly addressed throughout the movie. It makes you think.

I could ramble a bit more about the film, but that may spoil it lol, oh but keep a look out for the “easter eggs”. I’m still trying to find them all, but the ones I have spotted are really cool. And they have definitely left the film open to more. I personally think they could do a really great TV series. And in each episode, children would learn a new moral from the story. Just an idea Disney!

Oh and I really hope I meet Judy Hopps in Disneyland Paris! *fingers crossed*

“It’s called a hustle sweetheart. Boom!” – Judy Hopps



2 Replies to “Zootopia (Zootropolis) – Amazing!”

  1. Oh I need to see this as soon as I possibly can! The trailer looked great – sweet and funny and featuring talking animals, what’s not to love? It’s a shame there isn’t more music in it like you said, because I love it when Disney add in their own musical twists but I’m sure I’ll still love it anyway. Great review! – Tasha


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