Tsum Tsum Tag

I have been wanting to do this tag for AGES! We’ve only been collecting Disney Tsum Tsums since Christmas. Although I’ve always thought they were cute and affordable. But when someone asked me what to get Jacob for Christmas, and everything on the list had been taken, tsum tsums were the first thing I thought of. Plus I could use Jacob as an excuse to collect them! Soooo our collection is technically Jacob’s but we’ll just call it “our” collection.
1.How many Tsum Tsum’s have you got?
34 – it’s a small collection but we love it!

2. What was your first?
We got the “Fab Five” first, for Jacob’s Christmas.

3. Do you have a full set?
We don’t have any full sets. We only buy and ask for the ones that we like.

4. What is your favourite set?
Oooh that’s hard, The Jungle Book ones I was really impressed with, and I think they are all cute. Well except Mougli, he looks a bit weird. Also the recent Finding Dory set is FAB, I love the colours, and they all look super cute!

5. Who is your most wanted Tsum Tsum?
Recently I know a lot of people are regretting not get any Zootopia tsums when they first came out, ESPECIALLY Judy Hopps – Which thankfully I’ve got! So I am aware she is in high demand. I personally really want the NYC minnie tsum. Which you can only get in the NY store. But I have a friend going in August so I will be asking her to pick me up one. Hopefully they are still available!

6. What set do you want them to make?
Well I wanted them to make Beauty and the Beast but I’ve recently found out that is happening! YAY! But I’d love them to release Oliver & Company. With them being animals, I think they’d be really cute!

7. Do you collect just Disney or do you collect the Star Wars and Marvel ones?
To be honest, the marvel ones are not that cute. I was really excited about the Guardians of the Galaxy ones, but when I saw them in the store, I didn’t like any of them. Some of the Star Wars ones are ugly. I did get Yoda and Chewbacca a couple of weeks ago. But Jacob lost Chewy! I’m really looking forward to The Force Awakens series, which will be released in time for my birthday!!!

8. Do you have any ones from Clintons/Target/Other non Disney Store shops?
I’ve got a couple from Clintons, and I got a few from ASDA and a couple from Sainsburys. I understand they are made with different material or something, but when Asda is selling them 3p cheaper than The Disney Store, I’m not gona be fussy!

9. Do you dislike any Tsum Tsums?
Loads! There’s so many that are just pointless! Mainly the human character ones, especially the men! Yeah I know you are agreeing with me on this.

10. Who do you think they should have release with previous sets?
Hmmm, I haven’t seen Lilo to go with my Stitch. But I was a late collector so I could have missed her. I can’t think of any? I’ll probably think of one tomorrow.

So there you have it, can’t wait to read your answers, so please anyone who hasn’t done it yet, I tag you! Don’t be shy, or think because I haven’t typed your name here that you can’t do it. I don’t know who all collects Tsums and who hasn’t done this tag already. So if you collect them and have not been tagged yet, then I am tagging you!



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