Disney Q&A – A Collaboration with Kim

I was so excited when Kim, from Tea is a Wish Your Heart Makes asked if I would like to do a Disney Q&A with her. Kim sent me over questions for me to answer, and then I created questions for her to answer. I’m hoping this becomes a “thing” lol. Kim’s already posted her Q&A with Amy from Scariel’s Grotto, which you can read here.

So here are Kim’s answers to my questions…

1. Favourite Disney Era: Renaissance
2. Favourite Live-Action Musical: Mary Poppins
3. Favourite Live-Action Film: Cinderleela 2015
4. Which Disney Princess would be your best friend?: Proabaly either belle or rapuzel I can’t choose haha
5. Which song is your “theme song”?: ‘Belle’ From the Beauty and the beast soundtrack becuase I always have my nose stuck in a book haha
Belle16. Which animated TV series is your favourite?: DUCK TAILS
7. Favourite live-action sequel: Zenon The Zequel (Had to include a DCOM in the list everyone loves a good DCOM!!)
8. Favourite animated sequal: The Little Mermaid 2
9. Who would you queue hours to have a picture taken with?: Belle And Beast and Rapunzel and Flynn
10. Which Disney Princess would you dress up as?: I think it would have to be BELLE
belleandbeast11. Is there an animated classic you love that not many people like? If so which?: Ooo I would have to say Robin Hood!
12. What is your biggest Disney collection?: At the moment it’s Disney traditions but I’m currently in the process of making music Disney ears so it will quickly become Minnie ears haha
13. Which Disney movie (animated or live-action) are you most looking forward to seeing this year?: I would have to go down the animated route and say Moana
14. Which Disney character would you like to voice?: Belle of course!!
15. Which animated movie would you like to see made into a TV series or live-action movie?: My answer to this used to be tangled but this is already in the works so I would have to say Beauty and the beast haha

A big THANK YOU to Kim for answering my questions. And if you want to join in with the collaboration, then get in touch with Kim. Or if you’d like to answer my questions to Kim, then please do and let me know, I’d love thread your answers! And remember…

You’re never too old for a Disney movie!



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