Shanghai Disneyland is Open!

Yesterday the wait was finally over. The sneak peak photos, that have teased to us for the past 6 months, is no more. The most anticipated park, probably since Disney World Florida, is now open to the public. Shanghai Disneyland officially opened it’s gates to the world…

Like most Disney fans, I have been stalking people on instagram who have been lucky enough to have had access to the park before yesterday. Luckily for us outsiders, employees and special guests have not shied away from taking LOTS of photos. So despite not being there in person, I have seen lots of the park already, and to be honest, more than I thought I would see.

We first got birds-eye view photos of the plot of land, in which the park was built on, and it’s progress over the years. But since December, Disney has given us a bit of an insight as to how much effort goes into to designing and building this magical land. Releasing regular updates given us access to the development of the park.
Shanghai_Disneyland_vista_dal_satellite_Gennaio_2016Remembering the first photos released back in December, I honestly didn’t think it would be finished on time. It looked as though they had so much left to finish. There were no trees, or gardens, shrubs, benches, lights, bins, and the castle was no where near done!

Originally the park was due to open in 2015, but unfortunately the development ran into delays, and the opening was pushed back to 2016. In January, the date was officially announced as June 16th 2016. The opening day tickets went on sale March 28th, and was sold out within a coupe of hours!

Watching recent videos and trolling through photos on Instagram, the park is looking AMAZING! Having had soft opening since early May, I’ve watched a few parades, looked at character meets, and saw the brand new Tron ride in action! THANK YOU INSTAGRAM!

Enchanted_Storybook_Castle_of_Shanghai_DisneylandAt the centre of this magical place is “The Enchanted Castle”, the biggest and tallest Disney castle, featuring  an underground boat ride, and treasure cove. Mickey Avenue, the entrance of the park, is their version of Main Street USA. So already the park has unique features to attract fans from around the world to visit.

I have no idea if I or my family will ever get to visit that side of the world, never mind visiting Shanghai Disneyland. But for those who are able, I hope you have a super time, and that it gives you a different experience to the older parks. I want this park to be a success, so that it gives me time to save up and hopefully get there one day. I’d love to do all three East Asian parks in one trip, but that will cost ALOT. And I need to get to Walt Disney World first!

Oh and have you seen the website yet? It makes me want to go even more!



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