I’m 30 Years Old!

Most people dread their birthdays as they get older. Me on the other hand LOVE them. I am so excited about turning 30. It’s a milestone. My twenties were such an experience. I did a lot of growing up when I turned 20, and back then I had no idea I would end up here.

• 10 years ago I had met my husband, not knowing he was going to be my husband.
• At 22 I moved from Spain to live in Leicester to be with Ben, and to start my new life.
• Just after I turned 25, I passed my driving test!
• January 2013, before I turned 27, I became a homeowner.
• And after I turned 27 I became Mrs Wynder!
• Then at 29, I was a first time mum.

I have achieved a lot in my twenties, and I have a lot of great memories. Made lots of new friends, and got in touch with old friends. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of memories I’d like to forge too. And a few people I wish I hadn’t met. But that’s just life, it’s gotta throw a couple of curve balls at you!

So Happy Birthday to ME! I’m celebrating the day with friends and family – plus food and alcohol. Oh and click here, to find out who/what else celebrates 30 this year!

“Adventure is out there!” – Ellie



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