Birthday Presents!!!

Yes, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… What did I get for my birthday? Well, there was definitely a theme… I hadn’t asked for any of my gifts, and yet they were all perfect! So I won’t keep you waiting any longer…
imageimageAs you can see, there was a Disney theme, and an Alice Through The Looking Glass theme too. I was so surprised with what I got, especially the Urban Decay make up set. My sister-in-law got me that, and I had no idea she had bought it for me. We’d both seen it in Debehnams together, and even though I had expressed how beautiful the set was, I never expected to get it. She had went back the next day and managed to get one. I’ve used two of the shades already: Kingdom and Salazar Grum.
imageIt was very hard to pick which shades to use first because they are all so lovely and colourful. I’m going to do a post just on this soon though, because there’s so much I want to say about it!

From Jacob, I got the fab Mad Hatter pencil holder, which I had mentioned I would have wanted for my make up brushes. So I was over the moon when I opened it. Oh and an extra surprise was the compact mirror. My lil man spoilt me, hehe.
My nephew Zach got me the Pop Vinyls of Eracibeth and Mad Hatter. Again, was not expecting them but so glad I’ve got them, especially Eracibeth. I do love a good villain! But she is amazing as a pop vinyl with her big head!

imageMy mother and father-in-law gave me my first Pandora bracelet, with a limited edition Mickey & Minnie charm, from America. They bought it last year and have kept it all this time to give to me for my 30th. They were worried I wouldn’t like it, as I had made comments in the past about not liking the Pandora charm bracelets and charms. However, I loved the gift, and so glad they didn’t change their mind and return it.

I also got a fab blogging journal and some money, which I’ve taken with me to Paris, and will probably have a few goodies to show you when I get back. I’m hoping to bring back a Snow Globe!

Oh my god… I’m 30!



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