Back From Paris & Disneyland

Well I actually returned 4 days ago, I’ve just still been in holiday mode. Plus my body had to recover. I did more walking in two days in Paris, than I did in a week in New York! I’ve had loads to tell you, don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I had a bloggers block. I just couldn’t be bothered to switch my laptop on and type!
So it’s now late Sunday night, and I thought I need to get whats in my head, typed up before I forget what I want to say. And I think the easiest thing to do is spread it all over a few posts. Otherwise it will be one MASSIVE post.
Over the next week, I’ll be showing you my Disneyland Purchases, describing both Disney parks, and then a post on Paris, and finally a summary of the trip and our future plans for Disney holidays.
I’m excited to tell you all about our experience, and show you all the pictures. Although, we didn’t take as many pictures as I thought I would. We took a lot of selfies though, which was fun, as it’s not normally our thing.
Oh and apparently while we were baking in Paris, you guys were getting flooded!? This weather has been so weird, hasn’t it? But trust me, after nearly melting away for two days in Paris, I am never going to complain about our British weather. I am grateful for it. I do however prefer it to be dry than wet & windy.

Just quickly, before I go, why do we have to wait till the 29th July to see Finding Dory?! Disney, what is with that? It opened in France while we were there, thinking we got it here (UK) on the Friday, but came home to discover we have to wait another month? What’s up with that? Not fair!

Yeah so anyway, hope you enjoy the next few posts about my trip. I must admit though, it was a bit mad doing Disney in one day, and then Paris the next. We suffered for it, but so glad we did it!

Ta ta for now!



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