Paris, known as “the city of romance”, where thousands of proposals have taken place, and thousands of first time spoken ‘I Love You’s. Our trip began here, last Tuesday. But to be honest, Paris has never been a city I’ve really wanted to go. I honestly was only interested in visiting Disneyland Paris. When we booked our trip, we organised it so we could also see the famous romantic city.
We arrived just before 8pm local time, and it took us just over an hour to find the right Metro, and then find our hotel once we got off the Metro. This was a lot more hard work than I expected. And of course, we were a lot closer to our hotel than we realised.

We chose to go see the Eiffel Tower and spend an hour or so around there, before getting back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep for Disneyland the next day. It wasn’t easy to get to from where we were, unfortunately. There weren’t many Metro’s that took you to that area.

After finding the right Metro to get onto, and then a very long walk to the famous site, we finally saw the Eiffel Tower. Lit up in bright warm lights. Funny thing with the Eiffel Tower, you can see it from far away, and from a lot of places in Paris, but the closer you get, the harder it is to find and see. We turned a corner and there it was. Taller than I thought, but beautiful.

Sadly though, the park was closed, and guarded by Police, because of the football. This was really disappointing because we would have liked a nice romantic walk through the park and see the Eiffel Tower from a bit of a distance. It was a lovely first night though, and was overwhelmed by the beauty and size of the Eiffel Tower.

On the Thursday, our last day, we took our cases and back packs, and made the effort to see a bit more of Paris. Getting on the Metro and heading straight for Notre Dame. Of course it looked very different to “Hunchback of Notre Dame”, and unfortunately, Quasimodo wasn’t up for sneaking out to see us.
Coming off the train to find the river right in front of us was amazing. You could see the Eiffel Tower on the right, and hiding behind some buildings, I could see the bell towers of Notre Dame just on my left. It was very green, and the sun was beating down on us. That view alone was beautiful, and if it wasn’t for the heat, I could have happily stood staring for ages.

Our legs were starting to struggle at this point, and due to the extreme heat, we were beginning to get sticky, and I unfortunately was swelling a bit lol. Was not pretty.

imageNotre Dame was HUGE! It was also intimidating, with its size and structure, it stood it’s ground. You could see all the gargoyles, but because of the sun, I couldn’t see the stained glass very well. It was a lot to take in, so we sat at the local bar, at the side of the church and just stared up at it, while drinking an ice cold beer (which cost us €22!).


After Notre Dame, we headed back to the Eiffel Tower. We thought maybe as it was daytime, we might have been able to get into the park. Plus we wanted to see it in the daylight too. Another tiring journey, dripping wet with the heat as well. I couldn’t wait to get a seat, just relax and enjoy the view.
While grabbing some food new the Eiffel Tower, we spotted a bus that would take us back to our train station for the journey home. It was very good timing (this happened a lot during our trip).
Surprisingly though, we could not find a seat anywhere around the Eiffel Tower. We couldn’t get into the park because we had our luggage with us. So we had to resort to sitting on our cases by the side of the road. This was a bit disappointing. We were so exhausted at this point and really hot. Couldn’t believe it was that hard to find somewhere to sit and relax. It was bizaar! But on a more positive note, the tower was amazing. Better at night though!
imageLuckily, the bus that took us back to the train station passed loads more famous monuments. We saw the palace, the Arc de Triumph, Champs Elesse and it took us right along the river. Just wish it wasn’t so uncomfortably hot. I went through so many tissues from dabbing my forehead and under my nose.

So glad we have seen Paris, although it’s not as exciting as New York. I wouldn’t go back, but I’m glad I’ve seen it. It was a very beautiful city, and despite the heat, the sunshine really enhanced it’s beauty. The only attraction we missed was The Leuvre. But I’m not that bothered. I saw what I wanted to see. Would recommend the visit, but you wouldn’t need any more than two days. Not unless you have thousands of £s to spend to enjoy a shopping spree day. Because OH MY GOD, the designer shops are FAB! And they have at least two shops for each name.

Next post is all about Disneyland! Well the next few posts are gona be about Disneyland lol, and my purchases! But have you been to Paris? Did you enjoy it, and would you go back? Let me know!



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