Walt Disney Studios – DLP

Waking up last Wednesday morning knowing I was going to be in Disneyland was SUPER EXCITING! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten ready in the morning as quickly as I did. My backpack was ready with all of the essentials, and the “just incase”. Mickey tee was on, hair was up so my ears would sit perfectly without falling off, and yet we had 20 minutes left to wait till breakfast!
Again, getting on the right Metro and getting to the nearest station for the RER was a hassle. I could already feel the souls of my feet starting to burn as we finally arrived to get on the RER. I was starting to panic that my feet would hurt all day and spoil DLP. BUT, the 45 minute train journey to DLP saved my feet!
imageWalking out of the station at DLP was breathtaking. I couldn’t remember the outside of the park, so it felt brand new, and all of a sudden I could feel a tear welling up. I couldn’t believe I was standing outside the gates of DLP.
imageThe adventure began at Walt Disney Studios. I wanted to get on Crush’s Coaster first, as I knew that can have a long wait, plus the park does close earlier than DLP. So after a few pics at the entrance, we headed straight to the ride. Now there was a 65 minute wait, but we didn’t take the risk of it getting longer, so we joined the queue. The wait was worth it! Did not know the ride was a roller-coaster, I honestly thought it was like a more exciting story ride, because I knew the shell seat span. We came off super thrilled! Ben loved it, which really made me happy. It was the best ride we got onto, and can’t wait to do it again the next time!
We then had a nice walk around the park, taking in all that we saw. Because of how long we waited to get on Crush, the queue for Tower of Terror was ridiculously long! We decided to check out Cinemagic instead, as we’re both really into our movies.
imageimageThis show was surprisingly good, I was worried it would bore us. Without spoiling it for anyone who hasn’t seen it, it’s not what you’d expect. We then wanted to go and see Animagic, but it was now lunch time. On our way out we quickly nipped into a couple of shops, just to see what was available. Of course I spotted a few things I knew I was going to buy later.

It may have been bad luck on our part, but I was disappointed to not see any characters around. I’m not sure if thats normal or not, we did see on the map that you can wait and meet Buzz and Spiderman, but thought we’d see at least one random character out for a meet and greet.
imageTheres was a lot of shows in Walt Disney Studios that we would have liked to have watched, the Stitch Live for instance, as well as the Animagic show. But as we were only there for a day, we had to be strict. When we go back we would definitely be able to spend at least one day in HS park. May be even a day and a half, depending on how long queues were.
imageIf you have any tips for Walt Disney Studios I’d love to read them. Did you enjoy this park? Or do you give it a miss when visiting DLP?

Next post is all about Disneyland Paris Park!

“Thanks for stopping by!” – Mickey Mouse



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