Disneyland Park

I was extremely excited about entering this park again, wanting the memories to come flooding back from 24 years ago. Feeling nostalgic and child-like. Also, got a bit choked up as well walking through the entrance and seeing the Floridian. I remembered posing in front of the hotel when I was 6 years old. Unfortunately I couldn’t do that this time, as the front was all boarded up for refurbishment. Boo!
Once we passed the Floridian and entered Main Street USA, to our surprise, and my delight, we spotted our first character meet and greet. It was Minnie Mouse, outside her little house. The queue was a 40 minute wait, but as it was the first character we had spotted, I was worried it would be the only one. So we queued, and it was worth it. Ben really enjoyed watching the families in front get their picture taken, as it gave him an idea of what it would be like if we had Jacob with us.
image-33-1024x768Minnie was so happy to see us (we got a fresh one from the house) and we got fab photos with her. I was so relieved to be able to give our phone to the cast member supervising, so we didn’t have to pay for the professional ones.
Oh and I must point out, it was BOILING HOT. Queueing up for Minnie was hard work, as there was no shade, and we drank all our water while waiting. So it was straight to the toilets for a freshen up and refill of water, after our photo shoot.

We strolled into Adventureland, which sadly was mostly shut for refurbishment. We did get onto The Haunted House, which was very impressive. The special effects were amazing. Even though the attraction wasn’t scary, we still really enjoyed it. The story rides are so much fun, aren’t they?! Gutted I couldn’t get the tsums from the Haunted House though. Might have to get these online.
image-45-1024x768We were on our way towards Discoveryland, when we heard familiar music playing really loudly around the castle. Lots of people were gathering at the side of the road, as cast members guided guests to the sides. I realised what music it was and screamed at Ben “It’s FROZEN!” And I was right! On a beautiful horse and carriage, Anna and Elsa came by waving and singing “let it go”. I was so happy I nearly cried. I didn’t think I would see them without queueing up for 3 hours somewhere. So lucky to have caught it when we did (this happened a few times to us btw).
image-46-1024x768So yeah, we headed over to Discoveryland, and again, a few bits were shut for refurb. But we joined the queue for Buzz Blasters! This was so much fun, until the ride kept breaking down lol. It was so funny. I took a few pics, but they didn’t come out very well. Our points were ridiculously high because we kept stopping. We were on the ride for a good 10 maybe 15 minutes.

Had a few flashbacks while wandering around Discoveryland. Apart from Buzz Blasters, the park hadn’t changed since I was there 24 years ago. Can’t wait to see the new Star Tours!
Once again, as we were walking back towards the castle, to cut through to get to Fantasyland, we heard loud music, AGAIN! Bigger crowd this time, and a song I hadn’t heard before… “Magic Everywhere…” It was the Magic Parade!!!! Just missed a couple of the princesses, but caught Elsa, with Flynn and Rapunzel on the back of her float. It was fab! And a real catchy tune as well, which I’ve downloaded on to my phone already! So once again, we caught a parade unintentionally and loved it! (Had a good view as well, hehe).
image-47-1024x768Fantasyland was also familiar, as I remember the Alice and Wonderland Maze. We went through it for a laugh, but it is out-dated lol. Great view of the castle though from the top! We then went and queued for 40 minutes to meet MICKEY MOUSE!!!!! I was so excited to meet him, because I never got to meet him the first visit.
image-48-1024x746When we went into the dressing room, I rushed over to him and gave him a big hug! He loved my ears (closetgeek.com) and my backpack! Yay! Got great photos with him. I can’t wait to take Jacob to meet him. I would keep it as a surprise, so when we walk into the room, Jacob will just laugh with excitement and run and hug him!!!
image-50-1024x768Anyway… Frontierland next, where we went on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, which we didn’t have to queue for – bonus! I didn’t remember a restaurant in the ride, so that was a surprise. We wanted to go in and have a drink but were told they don’t do that in the parks. Oh well never mind… walked past Hooks Ship, and then through Agrabah. Would have liked to have gone on the Aladdin story ride but that was closed as well.
image-49-1024x769To finish off our time in the park, we had a lovely stroll back to the main gate, as the sun was going down. Oh and while going in and out of the small shops in Main Street, once again, we heard loud music… Ben shouted at me as I’ve got several Xmas ornaments in my hand “Jamie, quick, quick!”, Luckily I didn’t break any as I put them down, ran out of the shop and ANNA AND ELSA CAME BY AGAIN!!!! Amaze-balls! This time, because of how close we were to them, I asked Anna if she wanted to build a Snowman. She said YES! It was amazing! Raining, but amazing!
It probably doesn’t seem like we did a lot, but my god we were shattered! We headed straight to Disney Village for some refreshments (i.e. alcohol) and a sit down. And to spend the last of my birthday money.

So the next post is gona be about Disney Village, then I suppose I’ll show you all my purchases!!!!

“See ya real soon!” – Mickey Mouse



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