Disney Village – DLP

Disney Village, like Walt Disney Studios, was new for both of us, as I don’t think it was there 24 years ago. Well I don’t remember it anyway, I could be wrong. It was also the biggest surprise to us, because I didn’t think we would be able to a) afford to drink or eat there, and b) didn’t think there would be much to do.

We first visited Disney Village after we had been in Walt Disney Studios, because we needed food, it was lunchtime! Now I must point out, when I bought our park tickets online, the site also gave us vouchers to use for food. One of them was €10 voucher for Planet Hollywood. So we headed there first, and to our surprise the prices weren’t as extortionate as we thought they would be.

We both ordered the Philli-Cheese sandwich, which was AMAZING! We’d had them in New York for the first time, and it’s become a fav meal of ours. But sitting with the Mask from the movie “The Mask” behind me and looking up at props from Alien, and Star Wars, it was so cool! Loved it!
imageAfter we ate, we had a quick look in The Disney Store, just to get an idea of what was available. I had my eye on a couple of things in there, but waited to see what was in the park first.

We were originally planning on coming back the next day to do shopping and have lunch at Disney Village. But it was a bit of journey from our hotel just to get to the nearest station for the RER. We decided we would come back to Disney Village at night before getting on the train back to Paris.
imageSo after catching Anna and Elsa for the second time, we had a nice stroll up to Disney Village, but as we got out of Disneyland, there was a massive queue to get into WDS!? I wanted to know what time The World of Disney shop closed anyway (1am btw) so I asked a cast member, and he told us that WDS was holding a special preview of Finding Dory for annual pass holders! How cool is that?! Know anyone who went?
imageWe had a wonder round looking at what food and drinks were available, and to my surprise, more shops! We had a nice cold beer at Billy Bob’s (They had line dancing inside!), and sat down while taking it all in. Spoke to my mum as well, cus it had the best Wi-Fi.

Then it was time for some shopping! We hit the gallery and fashion shop, and then the big one, The World of Disney. My next post is all about our purchases!!!
imageReally enjoyed Disney Village, so much so, Ben actually wished we were staying at Disney so we could have stayed there longer and had a few more drinks and food. Plus we didn’t stay to see any of the entertainment either, because we wanted to be up early to see Paris the next day, which was also our last day.

Have any of you hung out at Disney Village while staying at the park? Wished we had ate at Annette’s Diner as well, I’ve read very positive feedback on it. Well, there’s always the next time! Thank god Ben wants to go back, and stay longer!!!!

I’ll never be too old for Disney!




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