Disney Purchases – DLP

Okay so I’m hoping you’ve been excited, as I have been to show you, what we bought! I could have EASILY spent more money, but I found control, from somewhere, don’t where, but I found it. I mean at one point I had like 10 Christmas ornaments in my hand, trying to decide which one I wanted!? I couldn’t pick! AND I nearly spent most of my birthday money on one Snow Globe!?

However, we got a phew things, and I am really happy with what we got, but I left a lot behind that I will get, when we go back. And if they’re not there, well then it wasn’t meant to be, as my mother-in-law says!

So rather than me rambling on and explaining everything, I’m just gona show you, because you are excited to see the photos…


So there you have it, now you have finally seen my purchases! I’m really chuffed with them, and they are all out on display, proudly, around the house.

I’m going to be doing one more post on my trip to Paris and Disneyland, just to summarise it all, and leave you with some tips that we discovered on our trip, that may help you on your first or next visit.

“Celebrate the Magic, yeah yeah yeah…Magic everywhere…” I’m still singing it!



4 Replies to “Disney Purchases – DLP”

  1. THE LITTLE YODA IS SO CUTE! And I adore your Monster’s University figurine as well, so cool. If I ever get to visit DLP I must save up so I can bring home some cute things. – Tasha


    1. Oh Natasha I could have gotten loads more lol I really had to be brutal and it took lots of self control!!! Thanks for reading xxx


    1. Oh I saw it by accident lol I was originally going to get a Paris related ornament but when I saw this and it was a frame I knew I had to have it! Glad you liked the post xxx


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