Disneyland & Paris Summed Up!

So for the last 5 posts you have read about what we did, what we saw, who we met, what we eat and what we bought. I thought I would just summarise the whole trip and give you my general thoughts and some tips. There was a few things we encountered on the holiday that we weren’t aware of, which we have now made a note of for next time.

As a whole, we had great time. The weather was lovely, boiling hot with some light showers, which we were grateful for in the heat. But by the last day, while seeing Paris, it was so hot, it nearly spoilt the day. All we wanted was to sit, relax and cool off while enjoying the view. We were constantly dripping wet, and having to drink loads of water, which also made us need the toilet lol.

And while we were struggling with the heat, we were also struggling to find a seat! For a city that’s supposedly 24 hours, like London and New York, it was not catered for it. We couldn’t find any public seating around the Eiffel Tower, or Notre Dame. Not even a bench. Which was very frustrating, because all we wanted to do was sit, drink our water and take in the scenery.

The food in both Paris and Disney was lovely. Paris was more expensive than Disney, I mean we paid €22 for two beers near the Notre Dame! That was a shocker – think we were paying more for the view than for the beverage. However, we had a pizza near the Eiffel Tower, which Ben thought was better than the one we had in New York!!! It had a fried egg in the middle!? For some reason the French like an egg on their pizza lol.
The Metro system was very poor as well. It was very difficult to get around on compared to NY and London. London definitely has the best out of the three. But just trying to get to main attractions, we had to walk a lot to get to a metro that would take us to the likes of the Eiffel Tower. If we’d felt confident enough to use the buses, they may have been better.

Disney was great, but if a lot of the attractions weren’t closed for refurbishment, we would have really struggled to get it all done in a day. We were very lucky that the longest queue was an hour and that was for Crush. We certainly picked the right time to go, as although it seemed busy, there was a lot of rides we got on without queueing or only queued for 30-40 minutes.
But as it was getting closer to the end of the day in Disney, we both wished we were staying there as well. It was when we made our first purchase in the Disneyland Park, and the cast member asked for our hotel and room number so he could deliver our purchases to our room, that we wished we were staying there! Then when we were drinking our Beer at Billy Bob’s, relaxed and not wanting to do a train journey and a walk back to our hotel in Paris.
imageWe are going back to Disneyland Paris, and we are going to stay for 5 days, at a Disney Hotel! Ben has already been looking at trips for end of next year! We think a day or two in Walt Disney Studios and at least two days in Disneyland.
Paris was beautiful, and I’m so glad I’ve seen the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Arc de Triumph and just being able to say I’ve walked in Paris. Pictures don’t do it justice. But, it’s not an exciting city. Although we did feel like we were in France, there was no atmosphere, no life in the day. At Night, they like to party, and they party in the street. Each bar or club’s DJ plays the music outside, and all the DJ’s sort of compete with tunes and loudness. So that was fun to see.
Overall, glad I’ve been to Paris, but I wouldn’t go back.

Now for some TIPS…

• Expect to pay to be able to sit down in Paris. The only seating is in the bars, cafe’s and restaurants.
• Make the effort to speak French, as they really appreciate it. Every Parisian we spoke to were pleasant and helpful, after we asked in French if they spoke english.
• Try a tour bus. We should have done this, because the attractions are very spread out, and because of the poor Metro, the tour bus means you see everything on one transportation.
• Expect to pay €20-€30 per person for food, not including drink. But from what we eat, the food was lovely.
• If you are just visiting Paris, I recommend a hotel on the West side of the city.

Right, that’s it, I think I have spoken enough about our trip lol. Hope you’ve enjoyed these posts, and next I’ll be writing about a couple of my birthday presents… Sssh Urban Decay in particular hehe. Yep, a DISNEY BEAUTY POST!!!!

“To all who come to this happy place…” – Walt Disney



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