20 Facts About My Disney Life Tag

I have been dying for someone to tag me so I could do this post! I’ve read most of the ones that have been published over the last week or two. Thanks to Maddy from Mickey & Maddy, I was finally tagged!

So here you go, 20 Disney Facts about ME…

1. The tagline for my blog is “My Disney Family”, which is 100% true. My love and passion for Disney comes from my family, and they are all still spreading the magic!

2. My first job was a Christmas Temp at The Disney Store in Aberdeen.

3. My first job after moving to Leicester was a Christmas Temp at The Disney Store, only this time I got kept on, and stayed for 5 years.

4. My dog is called Gus Gus, after the mouse in Cinderella, because when he was a puppy, he was a round, chubby brown fur-ball! He is a lhasa apsa. Oh btw, he is not longer that cute lol. He turned blonde for a start!

5. I have a tattoo of the Beast, from Beauty and the Beast, on the top of my back. It’s the outline of him used for the musical with the red rose.
6. I now want a tattoo of the castle, but not sure whether to have it on my wrist or ankle.

7. My family always went to Walt Disney World in October, but because my Dad didn’t like theme parks, we never got to go.

8. I have only been to Disneyland Paris. The first time was just after it opened, in 1992 for my 6th birthday. My grandparents and Uncles took me. And I have just recently been again with my husband for my 30th birthday. It was my husband’s first time tho.

9. I still have my Disney figures from when I was a kid, some of them are McDonalds toys lol. And I also have my Disney dolls. They were very loved and played with a lot! So they’re not in the best of shape lol.

10. My favourite things to do draw are Disney Characters, especially the Princesses. I used to love drawing Mulan and Pocahontas.

11. I am not a consistent collector, but I do have small collections of MBB’s, plush, tsum tsums, pin badges, dolls, snow globes, figurines, books and Blu-Ray/DVDs.

12. Most of the time, if I’m ever in Primark, I usually pick up a Disney tee. At £6, it’s hard not to.

13. I take it very personal when someone says or I read something negative about Disney.

14. Even though I’ve only visited Disneyland Paris, I like to know everything about the other Disney Parks, because I hate it when people mix them up or confuse what lands are in which park.

15. I refused to watch Toy Story when it first came out, because I thought Pixar was gona take over Disney lol. I was 9 – 10 at the time lol.

16. I have something Disney in every room of my house! I started off creating a Disney guest room (now Jacob’s room) but it quickly spread throughout our home.

17. I love knowing everything about Disney, and being the one at work that everyone’s comes to, when the subject is Disney. I don’t brag, but I secretly love it!

18. I was over the moon when Disney bought Star Wars. They both represent my childhood, and although its only been 3-4 years, they are a perfect match! Disney has already proven they are going to do the franchise justice!

19. I signed a petition for The Black Cauldron to be released on Blu-Ray for it’s 30th anniversary!

20. I prefer the Disney Villains merchandise over the Disney Princesses, and luckily the villains have become more and more available to us, in terms of merchandise.

So there you have it. Some of these you may already have known, or guessed, but hopefully you’ve enjoyed it.

I tag Kim initially Camera Shy, and Kat and anyone else who wants to do this tag!

Share the Magic!



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