Alice Through The Looking Glass – Urban Decay

When I see anything to do with Alice in Wonderland, I automatically think of the colours. No matter what version of the story, it’s always COLOURFUL! Blue and Red being the dominant colours, and the two colours that I relate to the stories. You cannot think of Alice without thinking about her BLUE dress, or the Queen of Hearts and the colour RED.

When Tim Burton released his version of the popular tale back in 2010, he kept it very colourful. Which is unusual for him, as he has a style. If you look through his film history, black, white and grey are automatically associated with his stories. Fast forward to 2010, and coming out of his comfort zone, he gave us plenty of colour.

Now, in 2016, we have the sequel, Alice Through the Looking Glass, which was still produced by Tim Burton, even though he didn’t direct. There was still loads of colour, if not MORE than the first film.
So when I first saw the Urban Decay’s Eye Shadow pallet for the film, on Instagram of course, it made sense for there to be a make-up range. ESPECIALLY a pallet of unusual, bright colours. The eye shadow pallet came with 5 shades of lipsticks as well, all unique and vibrant.
imageI’m only now enjoying putting make up on, and I love learning new techniques on how to better putting it on. I still can’t justify paying a lot of money for my makeup because I’m still an amateur. However, I’ve never had a wide variety of colours for my eyes.
I saw so many people post their pictures and blog posts on the Urban Decay range for the movie and I instantly became attracted to it. It’s something I wouldn’t normally want or be interested in. But one thing no one was telling you, was how much they paid for it.
So I was surprised to still find it available in my local Debenhams but even more surprised to find out what the price was. My heart sunk because I knew I could never afford it. And even if I had £43 to spend, I don’t think I could justify spending it on makeup. Not now that I have Jacob anyway.
imageFast forward to my birthday, I tore the wrapping paper off the present my sister-in-law, Lauren, gave me, and I was over the moon to have the eye shadow palette in my hands. I was so happy, and so excited to use it!
The first colours I used, were Kingdom and Salazen Grum. Here, see what you think…
As I’ve said, I’m still an amateur with my makeup so I’ve yet to try the rest of the palette. But you know what? A part of me wants to use it all the time, but the other part doesn’t want it to be used because of how beautiful it is un-touched! So silly, but I don’t want it to run-out lol.
Everything about it is beautiful, and I think it has really helped Urban Decay put it’s brand out there. I had never heard of them before until now. And now I am aware of future projects, such as the latest “100 shades” campaign with Ruby Rose.

I hope, like Mac, that Urban Decay works with Disney again on creating a make up range based on a Disney film, or character. It gets them noticed, and they have definitely gained a new customer out of me because of it.

I know a few of you already have yours and have been using it, so let me know what colours you’ve tried, and which is your fav! And keeping with the Alice in Wonderland theme, next time I’ll be showing you my Mad Hatter pencil holder…

“I give myself very good advice. But I very seldom follow it” – Alice



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