Mad Hatter’s Hat

One of my favourite blog posts to read is wish lists. And Jade, from Inside the Tower did one in May based on Alice in Wonderland, which you can read here. It was this post I first saw the Mad Hatter Pencil holder. Think it was the peacock feather pen that really caught my eye at first. But I new I wanted it when I saw it.

I later found it in the Disney Store on my next visit after reading Jade’s post, and found that it was only £15. Really surprised at the price because it looked more expensive. This made me very happy because I knew then I could afford it, well once I got paid that is.

Then It got closer to my birthday, so I thought if anyone asks, I could tell them about the pencil holder. Or I could use any birthday money, to buy it. But then I started thinking I might find something better in Disneyland Paris, so I wanted to wait and see what was there first.

However, my mum asked me if there was anything I’d like to open on my birthday from Jacob. So I brought up the Mad Hatter pencil holder. She loved the sound of it, and insisted she would get it for Jacob to give me.
image-26-1024x768My birthday came, and Jacob with the help of my mum, handed me an Alice Through the Looking Glass shopper, stuffed with Disney Store Tissue paper and sprinkles! To my delight, I pulled out the Mad Hatter’s Hat pencil holder, and to my surprise, I also pulled out the White Rabbit compact mirror! Which by the way is FAB! I took it with me to Paris and used it more than I thought I would. Very handy for when putting on my eye make up in the hotel, hehe.
image-28-1024x691I must tell you though, I do not have a desk in my house. I don’t have a ‘space’ where I sit and write, or draw or type. So the Mad Hatter’s Hat was of no use to me as a pencil holder, despite how much I love it. Then my mind came up with an EXCELLENT idea. And so it is home to all my beautiful, yet dirty, make up brushes!!!! And I love it! Plus it’s something else Disney in my main bathroom.

Oh and it turns out, DLP didn’t have anything better. in fact, they had less Alice Through the Looking Glass merchandise than my local Disney Store. Was very disappointing, considering Alice in Wonderland has a pretty big attraction in the park.

So what do you think of what I used the Hat for? Good idea?

“You’re entirely BONKERS. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.” – The Mad Hatter



2 Replies to “Mad Hatter’s Hat”

  1. This is such a cute idea! I love using disney stuff in my bathroom. I used a Minnie Mouse shot glass to hold my bobby pins for years but it shattered last week. Thanks for sharing on the Disney Blogger Link Up


    1. Thank you for reading! Oh that was a great idea for your Bobby pins! I saw a good post on DIY Disney jars, this girl glued disney figures on top of lids, sprayed them white and used the jars to store sweets, makeup and it looked so elegant and cute! Xxx


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