This morning, Jacob and I got our pillows, his duvet and snuggled up to watch Wreck it Ralph. Jacob has not seen it yet, and It had been a while since I last watched it. I forgot how good it was. And thankfully, Jacob seemed to like it, between playing with his toys of course. Usually when Vanellope Von Schweetz came on the screen, he would then pay attention to the film. So cute!
VenellopeBut Wreck it Ralph is one of those movies that reminds you of your younger years. I always spot a new game character every time I watch it. Which brings me to the topic of this post…
Lately, the word ‘nostalgia’ has been used frequently, and thats how I felt while watching Wreck it Ralph this morning. It got me thinking about all the recent subjects floating around conversations, and the internet. And weirdly they all have to do with a cartoon/game from my time.

Lets begin with the craziest of crazes happening around the world right now. Pokemon Go! Now I was never into Pokemon, I was reaching my mid-teens when the cartoon and card game first came out, so my interest in boys was starting instead. But I do remember how popular it did get, especially when the game boy game was released. And I became aware of certain words that related to the world of Pokemon: Pikachu; Ash; Gotta catch em’ all, and so on.

But Pokemon Go has taken it to the next level of crazes. Firstly, how it’s taken them this long to release such an app is mad, because its such a simple platform. It’s not complicated at all, hence the reason everyone from 4 year-olds to 90 year-olds are playing it.
But ‘nostalgia’ is mostly relevant to those who were kids in the late 90’s early naughties, and the odd adult who secretly watched the cartoon and played the game on their hidden Game Boy. My brother and sister in-law for example were huge fans of Pokemon back in the day, and they are loving this new app. And hey, it’s getting everyone outside and walking!
To think in 10 years time, people will be remembering when an app based on a cartoon series would get the public exercising, without them realising it!

My ‘nostalgia’ happened just a couple of days after the Pokemon Go craze began, when Nintendo released an image that would go viral on social media. They announced the product that would be released later this year, just in time for Christmas.
Nintendo hasn’t had a hit since they released the Wii, back in November 2006. And for a long time after they were making loads of money from it. That is until Microsoft and Sony released their versions of motion sensor equipment for their console.s The Wii then started to fade. They tried to revive it with the Wii-U, but it didn’t come close.
So Nintendo has gone back to the drawing board. Looked at their history, and thought “hey, why don’t we give the people what they want?” And that’s what they have done…
NESThis november, Nintendo will be re-releasing the NES! Yes, that’s right, the first Nintendo console that was released in 1985! The year before I was born. Only this time, they have made it smaller, and given it an HDMI port. It will come with 30 original games built into it, like: Donkey Kong, all the Mario games, Pac Man, MegaMan etc. You can pre-order it at Game.

This made me so happy, because the NES and SNES were my time, and I have great memories playing them. Plus I feel as though Nintendo new me and Ben were turning 30 this year, lol. They knew I was struggling to think of what to get Ben as a special present. Now, I don’t have to worry! You can pre-order the console all ready here, and at just £49, this is going to be HUGE! I hope.

While watching Wreck it Ralph, I also read, on Facebook of course, that He-Man has been re-made. With a special 90 minute episode to be released at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, introducing the Masters of the Universe to today’s kids, my nostalgia has reached a new high! I LOVED He-Man. And yes, I also loved the live-action movie starring the GORGEOUS, Dolph Londran. I am not ashamed! Watch a short clip of “The Curse of the Three Terrors” here.

I am now looking forward to Wreck it Ralph 2. I can’t wait for Jacob to see it as well, and point out all the characters from the games we used to play. We are not massive “gamers”, but we do have consoles, and we love having game nights, so I’d like Jacob to enjoy them like we do. Although, I’ve got a feeling he’s going to be more into dance and music – but we’ll see…

“Born in the 80’s, grew up in the 90’s, partied in the 00’s!”



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