Hello & Welcome – again!


What do you think of the new site? You like?

I hope so!

I have worked REALLY hard on this new site, still using the same logo and colour schemes, I just took the opportunity to go for a new theme. And I love it! I am so happy with it. I wanted it to be more magical than before. I wanted each page to stand out and make you want to stay and read more.
I really hope I have accomplished this.

Changing from a a paid web-hosting to a free site was more complicated than I thought. Probably because most bloggers start off with the free one and move to a paid one. I had to do it the hard way of course!

I desperately wanted to keep my name. I can’t imagine calling my blog anything else, other than ‘Once Upon a Blog’. But in order for me to have just that I would have had to pay. And even though it wasn’t expensive, it wasn’t exactly my name they were offering – it had numbers in it!

So my new site has an EXTRA LOOOOOOOONG name now lol, as you can see. But hopefully if I spread the word and with your help, you won’t have to type in the address all the time, you’ll just need to click the link.

I can’t wait to get back into regular blogging, I’ve really missed it.

I have said my goodbye to the first home of ‘Once Upon a Blog’ and now it’s time to, once again, say…

“Hello, and welcome to Once Upon a Blog, My Disney Family!”


5 thoughts on “Hello & Welcome – again!

    1. Thanks Natasha that means a lot! I worked so hard on the new site. It was a bit upsetting at first and very daunting. It took ages to transfer everything over – I’ve still got some pics to sort out for some posts lol but I’m happy with it xxx

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