Missing You Dad

Sadly, 2 years ago today, my Dad passed away. One of the last things we spoke about, was my pregnancy, as I was able to tell him we were expecting. He was very happy to find out he was going to be a Grandad. Unfortunately though, my Dad and Jacob never met. But this is not a post about me opening up my heart and expressing my sadness and loss. This post is to celebrate him, as he too was a Disney fan, and a member of my Disney Family.
imageMy love of movies definitely comes from my parents. We always loved watching a new film together, or watching a marathon of good films over a weekend, whether its Rocky, The Godfather or Lord of the Rings. We also went to the cinema a lot as a family too. I even went to the cinema just me and my Dad.

So when a new Disney film came out, we would all watch it as a family like we did with any other film. My Dad, however had his Disney favs, like every Disney fan, and couldn’t help but compare the recent to the classics. He was a massive reader of books, would read anything, so Disney’s live-action films of Robinson Crusoe, and Treasure Island were ones my Dad would watch if he ever found them on the TV.

He told us stories of when he was a boy and would sneak into the cinema to watch a cartoon. One cartoon he remembered, and spoke of very highly, was Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day. He loved Tigger! He also saw Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Bambi in the cinema as a young boy, and always said how fantastic they were.
(QUICK STORY: One family New Year’s eve party, my family dressed up as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and my Dad played Dopey. But not taking the performance too seriously, my Dad got hammered – as you do on NYE – and came out on to the dance floor on his knees, drunk with a fag in his mouth!)
As a young adult, my Dad would see two Disney animated classics that would become his favourites of all time. The Jungle Book and Robin Hood. He absolutely loved these two classics, and he especially loved the music from The Jungle Book. These were two of the Disney’s we had on Video very early on, and when DVDs came out, we replaced them as soon as they came available. Buying the special edition boxsets for his Christmas.

My Dad wasn’t too fussed about the classics that we grew up with and loved, but he would still watch them if they were on. And one of the last Disney films he saw, was Frozen. My mum said, when Elsa sang “Let it Go’ and pulled her hair out, he said “Wow, she’s sexy for a Disney character!” – My Dad Ladies and Gentlemen! She said he really liked it, and was really impressed.

I think he would have enjoyed all the recent films since Frozen. Especially Zootopia, as I think he particularly liked the ones with talking animals. I think he would have enjoyed the live-action Jungle Book, but he would have missed the original music, even though theres hints of it, its not the same.
imageJacob actually has a talking Baloo, that my sister gave him. You have to scratch his back for him to talk. He is still in his box, on display in a shelving unit in Jacobs room. Would you believe me if I told you that Baloo has spoken without anyone in the room, never mind scratching his back?! Hey, you never know, I’d like to think it’s my Dad saying Hi to Jacob.

Is your family the reason you love Disney? Do they always compare the latest films to their favs?


2 thoughts on “Missing You Dad

  1. This is such a beautiful post and such a lovely way to remember your dad! 🌟I’m a fellow Disney fan and think it’s amazing how close people can become because they share the same love for Disney!❤️
    You have yourself a new follower!😊

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