Lin-Manuel Miranda – Disney Legend?

I first heard and saw Miranda, on a two part special episode of “House”. He surprised me while watching the episode, I found him very quirky. I also found it very strange that he was rapping/performing in the episode. I knew I hadn’t seen him before, or heard him on the radio, and yet I felt as if I should know who he is. Going straight onto IMDB to find out… Nope, don’t know him, never seen him before. Didn’t even remember him from Sex and the City, which apparently he appeared in. I watched that episode of House about 2 years ago…

August 2016, and Lin-Manuel Miranda is EVERYWHERE! And yes, I know who he is now…

Last year I watched loads of youtube videos from his musical Hamilton. I thought he was just the lead actor, and I remember turning to Ben and saying “Look, it’s the weird guy from that special episode of House that we liked!” He can rap, and sing, and he’s performing in a musical? Wow! Then I was intrigued about this Hamilton Character, and felt he was important, someone to do with an historic event. Nope, I hadn’t heard of this Hamilton…

…Now, it’s the “Must see musical” and it’s won Tony’s and a Grammy! No wonder I keep hearing people tweeting about listening to the soundtrack on repeat!

Lin-Manuel is only 6 years older than me, married with a son, and has become an award winning musical theatre performer/writer/composer. He wrote his first musical at University called “In the Heights” and it’s won LOADS of awards. This man is certainly talented! So talented, that he has caught a lot of people’s attention. And just recently, Disney in particular has paid VERY CLOSE ATTENTION…

The first Disney related news I heard involving Miranda, was the cast announcement for the Mary Poppins sequel. It was confirmed he would be starring along side Emily Blunt, playing a character called Jack, while Blunt has the title role.

When Disney released the official Trailer for their next animated feature, Moana, I started see Miranda on Instagram and other social Media, along side the cast of Moana. Then I learnt he was a co-writer of the music for the film! This was very exciting, because I really like what I’ve heard so far from Hamilton, so I’m looking forward to hearing the music for Moana. And we all love a good Disney musical, don’t we?

Which brings me to the most recent news of all…

Earlier this week, Disney gave all fans very exciting news about one of their live-action projects. The Little Mermaid has been “given the green light” as they say, and has even been brought forward in the pre-production process. But the biggest news of all is that the MUSIC, yes you read that right. The MUSIC will be written by Lin-Manuel Miranda and ALAN MENKIN!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
The last Disney film soundtrack Alan Menkin was involved with was Tangled, and that was fantastic.
We have no idea how much of a remake the live-action film is going to be, compared to the animated feature, but I am feeling really good about this latest musical news. And if Lin-Manuel Miranda’s recent success is anything to go by, I think we are in for a real treat with The Little Mermaid.

Oh and I also discovered while reading about Mr. Miranda, that he worked on the Star Wars: The Force Awakens soundtrack as well!!! This guy is AMAZING! And he is definitely on the road to becoming a Disney Legend!

So had you heard of Miranda before reading my post? Are you looking forward to any of the future releases mentioned? I honestly can’t wait to see Moana!

“There’s a million things I haven’t done, but just you wait” – Hamilton


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