Disney Hen Party!

My beautiful friend Jen is getting married on the 26th of this month. I met Jen 6 and half years ago, while working at The Disney Store. She transferred from Nottingham to Leicester to become our Assistant Manager. We hit it off very quickly and have remained friends to this day!
giphy-1Her sister has fantastically organised a Disney themed Hen Party for this weekend! It was originally going to be Princess themed, but there were too many of us girls and not of enough princesses, so it had to be expanded to any Disney character.

Now when it was “Princess” themed, I said straight away I wanted to go as Princess Leia. I thought her costume would be quite easy to do, and that I could do a Disney Bound style, instead of buying the traditional costume. But when the theme got expanded, I decided I wanted to go as somewhere a bit obscure.
Judy Hopps seemed the most fun, as I could dress up as a cop, again, without buying an actual Judy Hopps costume. All I needed was Bunny ears…

Oh my god how hard is it to get BUNNY EARS????

It was crazy! I didn’t want to take the risk and order from China incase they weren’t right. Plus, I would have been cutting it fine with the delivery date too. I asked around to see if anyone could make, but that wasn’t an option either. I nearly resorted to buying a bunny teddy and cutting the ears off. But even that was hard to find?!

Back to the drawing board I went…

I searched Disney costumes on eBay, hoping I would get inspired. I went through pages and pages of the same ones, and I was really worried. Then out of the BLUE, I spotted a BLUE wig and round black glasses for Sadness from Inside Out… I thought how perfect would that be… I have dark denims, a pale blue jumper and t-shirt, and blue gym shoes!


I got the face paint from my work and watched a bunch of vids on YouTube for the best way to put it on. So my costume is all organised! I just hope it looks good on. You know what its like when you imagine an outfit/costume and looks good in your head, until you put it on…

So look out for pics on my Instagram, and possibly twitter and Facebook the nest day!

Have you been to a Disney themed party? Which character have you dressed up as?



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