The Disney Hen Party Photos!

Saturday night was so much fun! Everyone enjoyed themselves and really made an effort with their Disney costumes. I was so happy with mine. I know I changed my mind a couple of times, but it worked out in the end. I was a bit nervous that people would assume I was trying to be a Smurf, but if anyone did, they didn’t assume out loud. Then once I told people who I was, they loved it!

So as I said in the previous post, I went as Sadness, from Inside Out. The Bride-to-be went as Ariel, and there is a good reason for her choice: Her future married surname will be Fish! So Ariel was a fitting choice! Oh and instead of her carrying around a blown up Penis, she had a giant blown-up fish! It was hilarious!
The rest of the characters that joined us were Belle, Merida, Esmerelda, Jesse, Alice, The Queen of Hearts, Tinkerbell, The Fairy Godmother, Elsa, Snow White, Princess Leia, Prince Eric, and Cinderella.

So here’s what you’ve been waiting for: PICTURE TIME…
image image image image image imageSo there you have it! It was a FABulous evening, with lots of laughter and dancing and drinking! Have you ever been to a Disney themed Hen Party?? Who would you go as if you were the Bride-to-be??



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