Disney Loungewear

Thought it was time for a new fashion post, as it’s been a while. The last one I did was the Mickey back pack, which I took on my trip to Disneyland Paris trip.

So I went into ASDA the other day for a mooch around, when I spotted a FAB set of loungewear. Now I know I am not the only one who prefers to come home and change out of their fancy outfit, or work uniform and put on a nice set of “comfiest”! It is the first thing I do when I get home.

As soon as I saw this set I knew I had to have it, and luckily I had just been paid on Friday, so I was able to treat myself. Although at first I thought £16 might be a bit much for loungewear, and then I thought, well I spent £12 on the Mickey Mouse joggers form H&M, so £16 was actually a good price.
imageI am instantly attracted to the colours of the set, especially grey. I love grey, I think it goes with so much of the colours I like to wear, like denim, black, white, and pastel pinks and blues.

The sketchy drawings of Mickey and Minnie all over the bottoms is so cute, and just the small hint of pastel colours are a nice touch, like the pink on Minnie’s bow, and the mint on her shoes.
imageThe jumpre/long-sleeved top I actually wore with jeans on today just nipping to the shops, as you can’t tell its loungwear without the bottoms. So I thought that was quite good. And the #FOREVER makes it modern and represents the relationship between the two characters.
imageEven though the jumper may look like an every day top, the inside of it and the bottoms, is what gives away the purpose of the outfit. It is SO SOFT! which makes the set even more enjoyable to wear lounging about the house!
imageI really hope ASDA continues to make sets like these, as I would like to get another for a change. I’m really impressed with it so far, although I’ve yet to put it through a wash. So let’s hope it does shrink or fade badly.

So if you want this set as well, then head down to your local ASDA no and pick it up. Hope you liked this post, I do enjoy the fashion posts, it’s just that I don’t always get to treat myself.



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