Girl Gang Movie Night!

Have you heard of #TheGirlGang?? It’s a great community of girls that you can join. The gang was created by Jemma AKA Dorkface. Her goal is to spread fun, happiness and be there for you when you need a friend. It may sound cheesy and cliche, but it works, and its real!
lilmixOne of the many fab things we do in The Girl Gang is have a MOVIE NIGHT!!!! This was such a good idea, and its my fav thing to do with the girls. I love a great movie, and when it’s a movie I love I will ramble on how great it is, quote from it, even try and re-enact a scene for my own pleasure.
I got involved instantly with the first #GGMovieNight, which was Mean Girls! Hadn’t seen the film in ages, and forgot how funny it was. I had such a great time on twitter with the girls, sending each other gifs, and tweeting our fav lines and scenes from the film. I really felt like we were in the same room together having a sleepover, eating rubbish and watching a fab flick. I couldn’t wait for the next one, especially when everyone suggested Clueless.
Unfortunately I missed Clueless, and the one after (due to it being my birthday), which was Tangled.


This Wednesday night, we are watching GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH BABY!!!!
GOTGposterThis is my FAVOURITE Marvel/Disney film from the Marvel universe, and I have watched it SOOOOOOOOO many times! Starlord is my dream hero. Its such an epic movie, and I cannot wait to watch it with the girls. I already have my gifs saved that I want to use, and I’ve got some fun facts to share with the gang while we are watching the film.
I have done two posts already on GOTG, the first was why I love it so much, which you can read HERE. And the second was all about my song choices for the next film, which you can read HERE.
I am so thankful for this week’s film choice, it was a huge surprise to me, because of the genre the previous films had been. But it shows just because we are girls, doesn’t mean we only watch chick-flicks!
If you would like to take part in the #GGMovieNight, then be ready to press play at 8.30pm Wednesday and follow the #GGMovieNight on twitter. You won’t regret it, its such a laugh.
There’s nothing better than watching a good movie, eating food, and chatting, while hanging out with the gang!

Be there, or be square!


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