Happy Blog-iversary!

A year old already?
My blog is 1 today, and going strong! Now I haven’t blogged everyday for a year (would have loved to have been able to tho) and late July, beginning of August I took an absence to move my blog to another site. But it’s been a busy year…
I went back to work in March after a year off on maternity leave. My son turned 1 and I turned 30! My sister Holly and best friend Jen got married. And I made the hard decision of transferring my blog to a new website.
I have slowly gained followers across social media, as well as on my Blog’s site. I have learnt so much from other bloggers over the years, reading tips and advice. Learning how to use social media to benefit my blog. And I’ve grown to love it, so much so, I’m looking at maybe a career involving social media?! Keeping my options open anyway…
Most importantly, I am very proud of myself for this achievement. When I pressed “publish” for the first time, I only hoped I’d be still doing it in a years time, not knowing if I was going to be any good. I knew I wanted to start a blog, and I dived in with a lot of high hopes, but with the realistic possibility that I could fail.
A year on, and my blog is better than ever. I love my new site, and how it looks, I think it’s a lot more attractive. My writing is getting better, in the sense that I feel “I” am coming across in the posts.
The biggest surprise though was making friends. I did not know about blogging communities, and I had no idea there were so many friendly and ready to help bloggers out there.
I know there are millions of blogs out there on the internet, and thousands of new ones everyday. I know I have to stand out in the crowd, which can be very hard sometimes because there are so many blogs and bloggers doing the same thing as you. It’s hard work, but it’s so worth it.
I don’t blog for an income, although we all hope to achieve that one day. I blog for me! I don’t yet have 1000 followers on twitter, and I’ve just hit 100 followers on instagram, but I’ve still to hit 100 on Facebook. However, the views are so much more important, and of course so are the comments. I’ve got so many ideas for future posts, and I get so excited just thinking about them. So despite the figures, I know my blog has a long way to go, and I am really looking forward to the future.

Thank you for reading, even if this is the first post you’ve read of mine, thank you.

“Adventure is out there”


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