Mickey Mouse trainers

So a couple of weeks ago, Leicester got it’s second Primark outside the city centre. Opening up in Fosse Park, which is a local shopping park with an ASDA, food court and Next, as well as other retailers. It took over the unit that BHS used to be, so it’s quite a descent size, which is perfect for Primark.
My sister-in-law Lauren and I made the trip after work on opening day, to have a mooch around and see if there was anything new. Plus it had been a while since I’d been into Primark, so certain items looked new to me, but may have been available for a while.
I spotted Mikey Mouse trainers in grey with white trim, which is what I’ve wanted for ages. These trainers were new to me, because the last Mickey Mouse trainers I saw in Primark, were black and White.
Anyways, they went straight into our shopping basket, because for £8 they were definitely being purchased!
img_7887img_7888img_7893Since I’ve purchased the trainers, I’ve worn them every chance I get!, Wearing my invisible trainer socks, which were from Primark also, I am certainly getting the wear out of them. I find as well they go with so much of my outfits! I was meant to have these trainers.
I missed out on the chance to buy a pair of Disney vans, because I couldn’t afford it. So I really hope Primark continues to sell Disney trainers. I know they’re not the quality of vans, but for £8 I’d happily get a new pair regularly, as long as I like them of course.
Have you got these Mickey Mouse trainers? Do you think they’re good quality for the price?


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