Primark & Disney

There is one place on the high street you are guaranteed to find affordable Disney products. With reasonable quality, and a wide variety, there is no where else to go, but PRIMARK!
There are certain clothing items, and beauty products, that i will go to Primark for. Because of the price and quality, I won’t go anywhere else for things like underwear, socks, sandals, pyjamas, make up brushes etc.And yet, almost every time I go to Primark, I end up leaving with a new fun Disney t-shirt or jumper!
Primark has been the place to go for adult Disney clothing for a long time now, and it’s working for them. Now-a-days, nearly every shop on the high street will sell at least one product that is Disney, because they know it sells! Top Shop, for example is regularly selling Disney Pyjama sets and underwear. They are A LOT more expensive compared to primark, and to be honest the quality isn’t any better, but it’s working for them.
Supermarkets have been joining the Disney craze for a while as well, ASDA especially. Tesco and Sainsbury’s were a bit later, and again, they are sticking with the regularly range of Disney pyjamas.
But despite the high street joining in, and trying to earn money from Disney merchandise, no where is better than Primark. My Mickey backpack is one of the best items i’ve treated myself to, and that was only £10 from primark. And they have a massive range of t-shirts, all different styles too. You can find joggers, with matching sweatshirts, trainers and flip-flops, handbags and make-up bags.
Right now I have my eye on the retro Mickey clothing range which is in for autumn. I really want the jock style bomber jacket, it’s red and white with Mickey’s face on it!
I tell myself all the time when visiting Primark “you’ve got enough tees Jamie, just get what you came in for” but sometimes I just can’t help it! There’s too much choice! There’s too many things I see with Mickey’s face and I want it!
Oh and it’s not just me I buy for by the way, I have gotten some fab outfits for Jacob from Primark that has Mickey Mouse on it. And their kids clothing is most definitely affordable!
So yeah, my point is, if you want something Disney to wear either for bedtime, or underneath clothes, or out and proud, then I would recommend to you PRIMARK! You can’t go wrong with a £6 t-shirt that says “I’m a Disney Princess” or with “Tale as old as time” featuring all the characters from Beauty and the Beast!

But if you aren’t a regular shopper at your local Primark, where do you go for a fun Disney tee, or a new pair of Disney pyjamas? Or like me, do you visit Primark intending on buying a smart, grown up top but end up leaving with a top that says ‘Oh boy!”??



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