Mickey’s Make Over

I am not a regular Park vistor, having only been to Disneyland Paris twice in my lifetime, the second being June earlier this year for my 30th. I have yet to visit the rest of the Disney parks, which I plan to do at some point in my life. But despite my lack of visitations to the most famous theme park in the world, I love knowing everything about them!
I want to know EVERYTHING! Fun facts about each park is the most fun to read up on, because they all have their own unique stories, and there’s the conspiracy stories too! Each park also features different characters. Well they all get the world popular ones like the princesses and princes, and certain characters come out during a particular season, like Halloween. There’s some characters that you only find in certain parks because of their unique popularity, like Duffy and Stitch you will always find in Tokyo Disney. And the classic characters will always be found as well at each park, especially Mickey and Minnie Mouse!
ingresso-na-disneyJust before the grand opening of the newest park in Shanghai China, it was announced that Mickey Mouse, and Minnie, would have a fresh new face, and that it would feature in all the parks after the opening of Shanghai Disney. When I first saw sketches of Mickey’s new face, I thought it looked more animated, the eyes seems narrower and closer together, with a smaller nose. It was strange to look at because even though I knew it was him, I was so used to the face I’d seen on TV adverts and travel brochures for so long, that it would take some getting used to.
Mickey’s new face has recently debuted in Disneyland Paris just in time for Halloween! Along side him with her new face is Minnie Mouse, all ready to celebrate the “not so scary” season with you all.
cgrjrbtwqaq_4erPersonally I would have preferred to have gotten the talking, and eyes moving Mickey Mouse in all the parks, because that Mickey only features in Disneyland California and Walt Disney World. For me, the talking Mickey Mouse would make Jacob’s first meet and greet with Mickey so much more magical. I have watched LOADS of videos on youtube of little boys and girls talking to Mickey, and then Mickey talking back! its AMAZING!
As I said earlier, the new face is definitely more animated, looks more like the Mickey from the 80’s and 90’s cartoons/shorts that I watched as child. So he definitely looks more like Mickey, and I do think it looks better than the previous face. I just would have liked him to talk as well. It won’t be until we can afford to take Jacob to Florida that we will have that magical meet and greet with Mickey Mouse saying “Hi Jacob”!

What do you think of Mickey’s make over then? Do you think it was needed? Does he look better to you?



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