TV Season!

Tis the season to watch telly…la la la la laa la la la la.

Yes Autumn brings us cooler and darker evenings, and new seasons of our favourite TV shows. We can get our comfys on and snuggle up on the sofa while we watch the latest episode or start a new TV show. We might watch it on our own, or get together with friends, either way it gives us something to look forward to every week. So what are we excited to see back on our TVs?

Tonight, our favourite female doctor, widow of Dr. McDreamy, and sister to everyone now-a-days, returns for season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy. It’s been over two years since Derek passed away, so is it now time Grey found a new man? Will it be new heartthrob Dr. Riggs, who has also caught the attention of her half sister Dr. Pierce? Callie has moved to New York, another cast member gone, leaving Seattle and Arizona for good! This is one show that has managed to keep going after 10 seasons, which is very rare in TV land. It’s great writing, fab music, and emotionally attached characters. Oh yeah and is Jo going to tell Alex that she’s already married? I can’t wait to watch the new season!

Regina - %22I'm so done%22Sunday night will bring us back to Storybrooke. YAY! When we last visited, Regina thought she had gotten rid of her “bad side” not realising that infact, she had released her from her body, free to do whatever damage she pleases! I am so excited for this, because Regina is my favourite character, good or bad, and to have them both in the same land, in the same storyline is gona be FAB!
“Long live the Queen!”
We will also find out how long Zelena is going to stay good, because she’s another one that is good at being bad! Or is motherhood going to keep her soft?
We sadly lost Robin Hood last season, breaking Regina’s heart once again. Is she ever gona find love and happiness with a man?! However, Capitain Hook did come back from the dead (thank god!) and gave us a very romantic “hello” to Swan as he returned to her arms with a very yummy kiss! Which could have ben the icing on the cake for Regina to turn bad again and encourage a new revengeful quest for her. But instead Regina decided to split herself, and remove the Evil Queen for good. It’s going to be SO GOOD! Oh and apparently we’ll meet Jafar, Aladdin and a Musketeer in this new season, so a lot to look forward to!

Luckily I have OUAT and Grey’s to keep me company until my favourite show starts again on the 23rd of October! The best show, in my opinion, that has been on TV in such a long time. IT’s got action, heartthrobs, drama, death, near-death, blood, loss of limbs, and ZOMBIES!!!!!
I still have 4 weeks and 3 days till The Walking Dead is back, and we will all find out who survived Negan’s weapon, Lucille! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!

Oh and late November, Netflix is bringing back THE GILMORE GIRLS!!!! There so much good TV for us to be excited about and to keep us glued to our TV screens!

So what TV show are you looking forward to seeing again? Or is there a new show you want to start watching? Continue the conversation and leave a comment, or tweet me! I love to know what everyone’s watching, plus I like to find out about new shows to watch as well.

“We’re just getting started!” – TWD


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