Walt Disney World – 45 years old!

Doesn’t it feel like WDW has been around FOREVER!?? I mean, it’s younger than my mum. 45 years ago today the park was officially opened to the public, sadly 5 years after Walt Disney’s passing. It’s such a shame that he never saw what would become the number 1 family destination in the world! However, Walt did have a lot to do with the vision of the park, even if he didn’t see it completed.
Walt Disney World is located at Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista, Florida, near Orlando and Kissimmee. It’s the worlds’ most visited vacation resort, with an annual attendance of over 52 million!
Magic Kingdom, like Disneyland California, was the first theme park to open in the complex. in 1982, to celebrate the Park’s 10 year anniversary, Epcot opened. The theme park is about celebrating human achievement, mainly in technology innovation and international culture. The idea for the park was originally developed by Walt Disney himself, so it was a great addition to the complex.
Hollywood Studios followed in 1989, and then in 1998, Animal Kingdom was opened, allowing guests to experience a real Safari holiday. The most recent theme park to the complex is currently being extended. Imagineers, James Cameron, his Lightstorm Entertainment, and Fox Filmed Entertainment, are developing attractions based on Cameron’s Avator. Very exciting!

Lilian Disney was asked 45 years ago what she thought Disney would think of the park, and she replied “I think he would approve”. 45 years later, I definitely think he would approve. To be honest, I think he’d be smiling every day. His brother Roy who came out of retirement to finish his brother’s dream, did Walt proud. Sadly Roy passed away less than three months after the park opened. So sad, it’s almost as if he lived long enough to complete his brother’s project before he joined him.
wdw45yearsOctober 1st 2016, Walt Disney World is celebrating 45 years of MAGIC. 45 years of HAPPINESS and JOY and SMILES. Making more MEMORIES for families. I have yet to visit WDW, but I know it’s going nowhere. I will get there with my own family, and hopefully it will be soon. But if you are a previous, or regular visitor to the park, you will know it’s not cheap. But worth every penny.
Speaking of penny’s, did you know on the day of the park’s opening 45 years ago, an Adult admission ticket was $3.50, a junior (under 18) was $2.50, and a child (under 12) was $1?
If you and you’re family plan on visiting WDW over the next year or two, I hope you enjoy celebrating the 45th anniversary. Disney never disappoints when celebrating a milestone such as this. No doubt they will have special and unique performances and shows that you will only see there, and don’t forget the merchandise too.

Happy 45th Anniversary Walt Disney World, and may there be many, many more years of MAGIC, HAPPINESS, JOY, SMILES and MEMORIES.


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