Disney’s Tale as Old as Time, So far…

Last Friday, I’m sure at some point, you would have caught sight at a couple of photos that were released of Emma Watson as Belle. Yes, a site called “Stitch Kingdom” released the two photos and got the internet retweeting and sharing the amazing pictures.
We finally saw a bit more than just Emma’s face peering at the rose in these spontaneously released pics. Both of which represented the character in iconic moments from the original animated film. The first being Belle in her blue dress in a library, with a book in her hand. It looks similar to the scene where she climbs the ladder in the bookshop, unashamed of her love of stories and reading books.
The second picture, which could have easily been created by a fan to be honest, was Belle, in her golden ball gown, dancing with THE BEAST! Yes, we saw the Beast (well if it was a genuine photo of the two characters). He did not look cartoony at all. You can see a couple of the animals that the character’s features were based on, in particular, a lion. The Beast is also wearing the iconic long blue jacket, with gold thread.
If these pictures are real, then they have made me very very happy. In particular with Emma Watson. She really LOOKS like the perfect Belle. Forget Hermoine Granger, because this young lady is GORGEOUS! If her performance in the film doesn’t disappoint, then we may start to see her as the young beauty that she is, and “Belle” could become the character she is known for in the future.
When the movie still of Cogsworth and Lumiere were released however, I was not impressed. Obviously I wasn’t expecting colourful animated characters, but I wasn’t expecting them to look so “real”. It’s hard for me to explain, so I won’t try.
I was over the moon, dead excited with the movie still of Gaston and Lafou singing in the tavern. Luke Evans and Josh Gad look brilliant as the two villainous, comedic characters. I especially love the photo of them both recording together.
SO to some up, so far, I’m still very much positive about the live-action remake. I have very high hopes, and I trust Disney will not spoil the film. So far Cinderella, The Jungle Book and Maleficent have been beautiful and magical films. They had they’re small bits of originality as well as paying homage to the animated classics they were remade from.
We will get an even closer look at the anticipated live action Beauty and the Beast remake, when the new trailer is released. Which I hope is really soon!

But what were your thoughts on the latest pics of Belle and her Beast? Are you excited or anxious about the film? I’d love to know your opinion, as this film is the one I really don’t want them to ruin.

Oh and apologies for not having the pictures of Belle, but as they are not mine to share, I couldn’t include them. But they are all over Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and the rest of the internet. You won’t struggle to find them, I promise.



5 Replies to “Disney’s Tale as Old as Time, So far…”

  1. Ooh, I’ve yet to see these photos so as soon as I’ve finished typing this comment I’ll have to go off and look at them. I am very excited for the film, but I’m trying not to see too much or expose myself to too much as I want to just experience it fully when it comes out, which is so hard to do with the internet now and spoilers galore! I do think Emma Watson will be wonderful though, she certainly has the look of Belle. Very excited! – Tasha

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      1. Me too, it holds so many special memories for me! The one I’m most anxious about is The Little Mermaid, if they do it, as that was my first Disney film and Ariel means a lot to me, but I always try to have an open mind about them too!

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