Tangled: The Series

If you’re like me and like to keep up to date with all the latest news or anything related with Disney, then at some point over the weekend you would have seen the teaser trailer to Disney Channel’s new series Tangled.
If you didn’t already know, Disney’s 50th animated classic has been given it’s own Tv series. The show will air on the Disney Channel next year. We got given a sneak peak at the weekend when Disney released a 15 second teaser. I know not very long, but funny enough, you see a lot in 15 seconds. Here, take a look…

So what do you think? Are you excited? I know Jade from Outside the Tower is excited!
My first impression of the trailer was how how happy I was that the series was 2D animated. Majority of kids shows now are all CGI. The 2D animation is classic Disney, and also gives the series it’s unique style, due to the rareness of 2D animation now-a-days.
One thing that’s interesting is that the creators of the show have decided to magical give Rapunzel her long blonde hair back!? Oh the magic of animation and the imagination. And incase you are wondering, the show is set after the end of the film, and it’s about Rapunzel and Flynn adjusting to life in the castle. It also gives us an insight into Rapunzel getting to know her real parents.
Yeah it’s a bit strange that they didn’t keep her short brown hair, considering that’s what it was at the end of the film. But obviously the creators thought the long blonde hair would be more fun, and make more money selling merchandise.
Looking forward to seeing Rapunzel and Flynn again, and I really hope Jacob enjoys watching it too. Oh and remember we also have The DuckTales coming back next year, and Baymax is also getting his own series as well.

Yay to the Disney Channel!



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