So a couple of weeks ago, I started the hashtag #PixarQuizNight. It was all in aid of a real quiz night that I’m attending this wednesday, and the theme is Pixar. So for practice and to make sure I was ready for wednesday, I thought it would be a fun idea for people to ask me questions and for them to join in too.
I got lots of likes and retweets which was really encouraging and got me so excited for yesterday, which was the planned night for the #PixarQuizNight. I was ready for anything, and I was expecting some quirky and obscure questions from my fellow Disney fans.
8pm came and #PixarQuizNight started. With a warm “hello”, I greeted everyone and asked them for a “hello” back.
5 minutes went by and I finally got a “hello” and then a “hey” from a couple of people which was a huge relief. However time was ticking by and I still hadn’t been asked a question. I began to feel like a bit of an idiot.
Why did I think people would want to join in?
It was nearly 8:45 pm, when I squealed with glee at the site of a question! FINALLY! It was such a good question too…

“Can you name three of Sid’s Mutant toys?”

This was an obscure and hard question, the kind I was waiting for. I never thought to pay attention to those toys. Luckily though, because Jacob has to watch Toy Story at least once a day, I took a guess at “legs”, “ducky” and “roll the ball”.

However, that was the only question I got asked.

I was very dis-heartened by it all. I had never started a hashtag or a kind of chat before, but I guess I raised my hopes up too high. I think because I like to join in other bloggers events on twitter, and because it was a quiz rather than a chat, I assumed more people would want to participate.
Makes you feel like you’re back in the school playground, and no one wants to play with you. It’s probably the first time I have been affected in a negative way on social media and I let it bother me a bit.

I though because I have 600 followers on twitter, more than one person would ask me a question and join in on the fun.

BUT… Today is a new day, and I may have only been asked one question, I still got asked a question. So I’m trying to think positive, and I am refusing to call #PixarQuizNight a failure!
To be honest though, I was going to make it a regular thing and change the theme of the quiz every month. I may still do this, but I might leave it for the new year.

I know I’m not the only one out there who has felt this way with social media. And I know I’m not the only one who has felt “left out”, “un-popular”, “not cool” and “a loser”.

Have you ever experienced anything similar yourself? How did it make you feel?

I don’t want anyone to feel bad about not participating in the quiz last night. It was a first experience for me, and one I will learn from and move on. I won’t let it discourage me from trying again.



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