Rogue One – The Latest Trailer

I am a massive Star Wars fan, as you will know if you’re a frequent reader of my blog. Last year I was SO EXCITED for The Force Awakens, I think wrote like 5 posts on that one film alone! And I celebrated Star Wars month with posts all about the films, all posted during the month of May.
The excitement I have for Rogue One is very different to The Force Awakens. Solely because it’s not a continuation of what we have seen already. It’s a whole new back story right smack bang in the middle of what we’ve seen so far.
Thanks to Disney the Star Wars movies and stories are now endless, and they are willing to show us as much of the Star Wars universe as they possibly can. Some people would say they are trying to make as much money out of it as they can, and they are probably right. I don’t care, because so far they’ve proven that they are not going to ruin the franchise. They are going to go 10 steps further than George Lucas and bring us everything we want to know about the Star Wars universe and it’s characters.
This is why I’m excited about Rogue One.
Originally though, I was not going to watch the second trailer, which was recently released. I wanted to know as little about it as possible. I did a similar thing with the force awakens, except I watched the BIG trailer that was released in the cinemas, but didn’t watch any other clips or TV spots after that. I wanted to do the same with Rogue One.
I couldn’t resist though. Yesterday I gave in, and watched it, and I’m so glad I did because it’s made me even more excited. If you haven’t watched already, then here it is:

I have so many thoughts about it running through my head, I can’t make sense of them all. I didn’t stop there though, I then decided to check out the trivia so far on the film on IMDB. One fact in particular made me squeal with excitement, and that was learning the film is set days, maybe weeks before A New Hope!
Out of all the facts I read, this fact got me buzzing! I did not realise the Rogue One storyline was going to be so close to my favourite trilogy’s timeline. I always thought it would be a year or two after episode 3. Thinking that the end of that film kicked the rebels into action.
Now I know I’m going to see Darth Vader, the best movie villain EVER. And apparently he’s going to be dark like he is in a New Hope. I also know I’m going to see Mon Motham and Bail Organa as well. I like that I’m not going to see any other characters from the other Star Wars films. I also like that the main characters are brand new, with most of them being performed by fresh or not-so-well-known faces.
The trailer definitely gives the impression that Rogue One is going to be a brilliant film, and December 16th couldn’t come quick enough. I may even pre-book my tickets like I did with The Force Awakens. I want to see this film on the day it’s released.

Are you planning on seeing Rogue One? Do you think it’s going to live up to it’s hype? What do you think of the casting? I think Felicity is a great choice for the female lead. Oh I’m so excited!



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