GOTG Vol 2 Trailer

Ooooooooooh you have no idea how happy I was to see this appear on my Facebook feed! I was SO watching this new trailer. One of two trailers I have been DYING to see (the other being the live-action Beauty and the Beast).
Guardians of the Galaxy, for me, is the best movie released from the Marvel Universe. It’s the one movie from the franchise, that surprised me the most. And the thing is, movies don’t really surprise me anymore. They can be so predictable. Even the good ones, like The Force Awakens and Captina America: Civil War. It’s hard to sit and watch, without noticing how predictable movies are now. But I did not predict how much GOTG was going to affect me. When that movie ended I stared at the screen with the biggest smile on my face, and all I could think was “wow”.
You can read more of my thoughts on GOTG here.
But I’m here to tell you how AWESOME the trailer to the sequel was. If you haven’t already watched it, take a look now, before I ramble on about how amazing it looks already…

They don’t really give too much away, which is good. And they certainly didn’t give any sneak peaks into the soundtrack either. Playing the hit “hooked on a feeling” in the background, keeping us waiting, probably till the movie’s release before we hear any hit from what’s anticipated to be another awesome mix. I am so excited to hear the new soundtrack. The songs form the first one were fantastic. Never would have picked them, and yet, they all go perfect in the film. You can find out what songs I think should be in the sound track, here.
The trailer does give us a little clue to how far the Guardians have grown, and for one character in particular, I mean that literally! Drax seems to be learning more about his friends, and showing his support and care for them. We see this when he points out to Peter, he has noticed his feelings for Gamora, and yet they are not meant to be together. He then hugs Peter (awww).
There is also a very quick glimpse at Yondu, walking along the side of Rocket. Now in the comics, Yondu is an original member of GOTG. It will be very interesting to see how he joins the gang. Although, after seeing the trailer and the official poster, you’d think he’d always been a member.
With a couple of quick clips showing the action we are in store for, and getting a good look at all our favourite characters, the trailer does not disappoint. And it ends on a great high, with a brilliant clip of Rocket looking through a whole in the wall (caused by him) and Baby Groot peers round from Rockets back, smiling! I burst out laughing cus he made the cutest sound too – so glad Groot’s back!

So what do you think of the trailer? I’m more excited than I was when I watched the Rogue One trailer! Honestly, I can’t wait for May next year.

“There are two types of beings in this universe: Those who dance, and those who do not.” – Drax


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