Disneyland Paris’ 25th Celebrations

So last Monday, lots of Disney fans waited patiently on social media to hear the secret announcement DLP were making. Although most people had an idea it was going to be the reveal of the 25th celebration next year. And they were right.
Pictures were released that would advertise the big birthday event, which starts at the end of March next year. They also released a short VT, which increased fans excitement.
My first impression of it all was “is that it?”. Yes I know, not very positive, but I can’t help but have high expectations, of a brand I adore, that has PLENTY of money to splash out on when its a big birthday like 25 years!

20 years ago, my family went on their annual big America trip, and it was to Walt Disney World, Florida, for three weeks. 20 years ago, WDW celebrated their 25th anniversary, and boy did they put on a party! I remember the merchandise my family took back to us, the fab american sized jumpers with the 25 on the front. And WDW did not cheap on the decorations either. They dressed up the castle as a HUGE birthday cake! It look very eadable too.
Last year Disneyland California celebrated 60 years! And they decorated the park as if the Queen was visiting. With blue banners everywhere, and bunting. LOTS of merchandise with the silver 60 on everything. They even created a souvenir pack for guests when the celebration first started. The pack included re-printed original park tickets and map from when the park first opened in 1955! How cool is that!?
So yeah, I think so far, from what I’ve seen of the posters and advert, Disneyland Pari’s 25th celebration looks a bit boring, and old, and not very inventive.
Oh and dare I mention the name of the new parade!? I know it got a few people annoyed with the obscure, non-original title. You wonder if the people who organise these types of events are Disney fans at all?! Okay maybe that was a bit harsh, and negative.

I only managed to get to Disneyland Paris for the second time earlier this year. I am not an annual pass holder, or a regular visitor. But as a huge fan of the brand itself, I wanted more. Maybe the posters and the Tv advert doesn’t do it justice. I know plenty of fans who are going for the celebration next year, and I really hope they have a magical experience. I’m hoping to enjoy the party early 2018, for Jacob’s 3rd birthday. We’ll see.

What do you think? Were you expecting bit more? Or do you think it’s going to be amazing, and will not disappoint at all? I’m sure when we all see it, it will be brilliantly magical!



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