Finding Dory

I know Finding Dory was released like over 3 months ago, but I’ve finally managed to see it! To be honest, I didn’t really make an effort to see it when it was first released in the cinema, which is very bad of me. I mean we’ve been waiting a long time to see Nemo, Marlyn and Dory again. I watched all the funny clips of Ellen campaigning on her show for Pixar to make a sequel to Finding Nemo. I was looking forward to seeing it, because I had no doubt that it was going to be good.
I was not disappointed! It was definitely a Dory film, but it was nice to have the original leading characters along side her, for the journey. I felt it was a nice change from the recent Pixar films we’ve had over the last few years. It was light hearted, warm, colourful, funny, and it had a beautiful happy ending.
Although I love most of the Pixar films, I have found their recent plots have been quite serious, and upsetting. I mean, Wall-E is about that could happen to Earth if we don’t get our act together, Toy Story 3 is about toys feeling abandoned and then almost incinerated, The Good Dinosaur killed off Arlo’s dad like Mufasa within the first 10 minutes, and then Arlo gets lost and has to end his way home with the help of a little boy who’s entire family is dead!
So you can see why Finding Dory was a bit more up-lifting.

destinyandbaileyI loved all the new characters, especially Bailey! I am a huge fan of Ty Burrell, which made me fall in love wth Bailey even more. And Destiny was so good too, I was so happy they both go out into the real ocean in the end.
Hank was a surprise to me, well I mean I knew Hank was in the film, but the surprise was how badly he wanted to stay in captivity. He was the opposite to Gyl. And he was a huge help to Dory.
The film did still have touching moments, which would tug on anyone’s heart strings. It takes a lot for me to shed a tear when watching such a movie, but my eyes did fill up a little. Seeing baby Dory all by herself, calling out to her mum and dad, and not finding them was so sad. All I could think about was how much I would hurt if that ever happened to Jacob. Movies do affect you differently when you’re a parent.
Oh and what about Sia’s cover of “unforgettable” – WOW! She has an amazing voice, I don’t get why we heavenly harder the last couple of years.
Once again, Pixar not only gave us another fantastic film to love and want to watch again and again, but they gave us another fantastic sequel. (I actually preferred Cars 2 to the first one). I am not worried at all about the next sequels they plan to do. Although I’m a bit anoyed they want to do a Cars 3, I just don’t get that.

I really hope Finding Dory is released on DVD before Christmas, but it’s still in the cinemas (not for much longer though). If you haven’t seen it yet, please go now, today, or tomorrow. It’s worth it, you will enjoy it.
If you have seen it however, what did you think? Who was your fav character?

“My friend, Sigourney, once said: rescue, rehabilitate, release!” – Dory


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