Happy Halloween

Can’t believe it’s Halloween already! Last year we had so much fun with Jacob and his nephew, celebrating their first halloween and dressing them up. Jacob we as Sully from Monster’s Inc. I got a fab onsie costume from ASDA for him. He looked SO cute!
jacobhalloween2015As I’m typing, I’ve got Hocus Pocus on in the background, getting me in the spirit of the supposedly, scary holiday. I’ve already had The Nightmare Before Christmas on three times this week, getting me more into the spirit of Christmas than Halloween to be honest.
I always find though, that we don’t celebrate Halloween as much as I’d like, here in the UK. There are a lot of people who enjoy celebrating Halloween, like most people enjoy celebrating Christmas. And you can get so many fantastic decorations for Halloween from the internet, and on the high street.
Across the pond though, the United States go ALL OUT, when it comes to Halloween. They have autumn inspired wreaths on their doors, they embrace the colours of the season with their interior and exterior decorating. Halloween is then the big party at the end, where they spook their neighbours, eat “candy” and dress up to their hearts delight.
All of the best Halloween movies have been made in the States. And Disney in particular have made a few fan favourites that are watched religiously every year. The likes of Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and the Halloweentown movies.
I don’t know of any British films made that are inspired by the spooky holiday. Plus, I think it would seem strange if there was one. I don’t think we can pull it off. Maybe it’s our accent lol.
I have come across the odd house here, that has shown their love of Halloween, by decorating the front of their house, encouraging trick or treaters. My husband on the other hand, has all the lights switched off, so it looks like we’re not at home. Or, he does take us out of the house for the evening, just to avoid the neighbours kids from knocking.
Christmas will always be my favourite holiday of the year, but I hope to make more of an effort with Halloween, especially when Jacob is a bit older and can really enjoy the festivities. I would really love to take him to Walt Disney World for Halloween. October was always when my family would go on their annual trip, and always had a blast at Disney.
Like homes all across America, the Disney parks, and Universal Studios, also get involved. With hit shows like The Walking Dead, Universal have created scarier walk through experiences involving such shows as The Walking Dead, and films like Nightmare on Elm Street. The Disney Parks let loose all the famous Disney Villains, and invite guests to enjoy Mickey’s “Not-so-scary” Halloween party. With unique shows and parades, and the chance to meet characters that aren’t always seen the rest of the year.
A few Disney Bloggers are currently celebrating Halloween in Disneyland Paris, and are going to the “Soire” later this evening. I hope they have a super time. I can’t wait to see the pictures and videos of the trip. Already I’ve seen Dr. Faciliar, and Judge Frollo.
Tonight, we are carving Jacob’s very first Pumpkin with his Nan and Grandad. Haven’t decided what image to carve though. Probably going to be a Disney theme hehe.

What are your plans for this Hallow’s Eve? Are you dressing up? Or did you celebrate over the weekend? Well enjoy. After tonight, it’s the countdown to CHRISTMAS!!!

“Oh look, another glorious morning. Makes me sick!” – Winifred Sanderson


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