Happy New Year! It’s 2017!

Yesterday I FINALLY got internet in the new house! It’s shocking how long it takes for it to be set up. Don’t they know how important internet is for today’s households?? However, I must admit, It was a nice break. Moving house was stressful enough, without feeling the need to keep up with local media and my blog.

I am looking forward to getting back to blogging. I have booked a lot of my holiday time before my maternity leave starts, so I will be taking advantage of that time and using it for my blog. Need to update a few things on it etc.

Baby is doing well, I’m now 24 weeks – although I feel as though I’ve been pregnant for AGES!!!!!! I still have 16 weeks left, and that’s if he arrives on time. Oh and it’s 100% DEFINITELY a boy. I just hope he’s as good as Jacob was as a baby.

Jacob has randomly gotten back into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He’s still obsessed with Paw Patrol and Toy Story though. His new fav film is Ratatoullie. Really wish I’d gotten a Remy plush when we were in DLP, cus they were reduced as well at the time.

So yeah, the new house is FABULOUS! It really has felt like home, which has helped loads. Our new bed arrived yesterday and it’s SO COMFY! And HUGE! I’m slowly introducing new decor – copper is the key colour, with some orange and lots of grey and silver! I’m going to do some interior decor posts this year, which is something new to the blog. It’s just so I can show you all pictures of my house really hehe.

Unlike a lot of people, 2016 was overall a really good year for us. Sadly we did loose Ben’s grandad in July, which has been hard on the family, and was particularly upsetting during the Christmas holiday. But personally for me, Ben and Jacob, 2016 has been 90% positive and successful. I mean we went to Disneyland Paris for Pete’s sake! That alone was amazing!

Ben turned 30 on the 23rd of December, and I surprised him with a 1986 themed party! It was such a good night. He had no idea about the party…that is until I asked him to put the blindfold on lol. He loved it though.

Just before Christmas I was very disappointed to learn that my local Disney Store is being closed for good. I do plan on expressing my feelings on the subject in a post next week, not that it will magically make a difference to the outcome of the store, but I have a lot to say about it. It’s very sad to think Jacob’s little brother won’t ever experience the Disney Magic in our local store.

Anyway… Hope you all had a happy christmas, and all the best for 2017! I’m so glad to be back, hope you missed me!



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