Princess Leia & Molly Brown

This was not the kind of post I thought I’d be writing in the new year, but it’s still very much present and still unbelievable…

We had a lovely, happy Christmas, despite missing Ben’s grandad, who had sadly passed in the July. Going to bed that night and reading George Michael had passed away, I honestly thought it was a stupid internet hoax. Then we turned the news on and discovered it was actually true.

Another musical icon had left us, and at such a young age. The age always shocks me. I couldn’t believe how young David Bowie still was when he passed nearly a year ago. 2016 began by taking a musical icon from us, and it seemed as though it was going to end after it took another. Never did I imagine my childhood heroine would also be taken, along with her legendary mother.

I grew up watching Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. I always think of my own mother and my grandma. Their relationship, like so many others, mirror similarities with Carrie Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds.
Like majority of mothers and daughters, their relationship had ups and downs, but ultimately they were best friends. SO much so, they lived next door to each other in the end. My mum would love to live next door to me and my sister, and she doesn’t live far from her own mum.

Although I have seen and grown up with most of Carrie Fisher’s movies, like Blue Brothers and The Burbs, Star Wars was and still is the one that means the most to me, and is the most important. Princess Leia would be one of a few female heroes, whom I would look up to and want to be like.
It made me so happy to discover Princess Leia would return in the latest trilogy of the Star Wars saga, and I thought she looked fantastic. She had aged, but she was brilliant! I felt Princess Leia had become even stronger since we last saw her in Return of the Jedi. She was the leader.


Singing in the Rain was always played and watched in my house growing up. It is one of my mum’s favourite movies. And I had actually had my own experience very similar to Debbie Reynold’s character, where I was asked to sing the “high notes” for someone else in my school choir, but I wasn’t chosen to sing the part officially. I told my music teacher where to stick it lol.
But it was The Unsinkable Molly Brown where I would fall madly in love with Debbie Reynolds. I watched it with my grandma, and I loved the character, and the music, and even though she wanted to be treated like a lady, she was a stronger and better man!

They both have played iconic roles which we know and love, but it really was sad to hear how they had gone. I really did think Carrie fisher was going to be alright after her heart attack. When I heard she didn’t make it, I couldn’t believe it. Another human being gone, who meant something to me, but who I had never met or known personally. But it was memories in which it had affected, and that was why it was sad.
Then to hear the heartbreaking news her mother died the next day – oh my god. Her brother Todd Fisher had said that his mother Debbie did say she wanted to be with Carrie. I mean I’m so glad they are together again, where ever that may be. I know my mum would say the same if it was me or my sister and would want to be with us too.

We hear of couples dying hours or days apart but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a mother and daughter passing together like that. What a bond.

I really hope I get to see Princess Leia again in episode 8, even though they are considering cutting her out, I’m sure with today’s technology they can keep her in it. We’ll see in 11 months. I would like to see Princess Leia be honoured as an official Disney Princess as well. She is more deserving of it then Mulan (who isn’t a princess in real life).

Did you grow up watching Carrie and Debbie? Do you agree with me on Princes Leia becoming a Disney Princess? Let’s hope we don’t lose too many of our idols this year like we did in 2016.


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