The Award Goes To… Moana or Zootopia?

Disney has had two of its movies up against each other for an award loads of times in the past. But I don’t think there has ever been a more difficult choice than Moana or Zootopia?!
Both films have been a huge success at the box office, and for Disney Animation, AND for Disney fans. I have seen both, and I love both, and I am struggling to decide which one deserves the award.
Now Zootopia has already won the Golden Globe. But it’s the Oscar that everyone really cares about (sorry Baftas). It’s the oscar that is the most unpredictable, but it is the highest honour in terms of movie awards. Whoever wins it will automatically have the new title of “Oscar winner” or “Academy Award winner” or “Best Animated Movie”.

Here is why the decision, for me, is very hard to make…

Both films have a female lead character. You have Judy Hopps, whose dream it is to be the first Bunny cop, despite her own family discouraging her dream. Then there’s Moana, who believes she is meant to do great things beyond the reef of her home. But her family also discourages that, and wants to keep her on the island, where it’s safe.


Both female characters are very independent, they know what they want, and they go and get it. They are both perfect role models for young girls. AND they are both heroes in their films. Also, they both have male sidekicks, that they don’t necessarily get on with in the beginning, but end up bonding and forming a friendship in the end.

Behind Moana’s adventure, Disney makes us aware of the little gems that are still hiding out there, somewhere on this planet. The beautiful untouched islands that haven’t yet been contaminated by modern society. In Disney’s brilliant way of story telling, the hidden moral behind the movie is about the environment, and pollution. ITs a very important issue we are facing every day now, and we are trying to do our bit, but it doesn’t seem to be enough due to the bigger, expensive problems.

Zootopia brilliantly shows us how prejudice today’s society can be. instead of using skin colours or religion, Disney uses the two main groups of animals: predators and Prey. This subject, like the environment, is very current in today’s society. On a daily basis there is an awful story of someone being judged just by how they look. Certain members of society assumes they know a person, just by the colour of their skin.


So you can see why, so far, it’s a tough choice to pick between the two films.

Moana does however, have a soundtrack that is fast becoming popular with fans. This is something Zootopia was missing, in my opinion. It had one song which you hear twice in the film. Music was definitely missing for me in Zootopia, and it really bothered me because a catchy soundtrack would have made it slightly better than Moana.

Apart from the soundtrack though, what else does Moana have over Zootopia, and vice versa? Which film do you think deserves the Oscar? Or are you struggling like me? Please let me know in the comments which one you would pick, or tweet me your answer. I may do a poll on twitter for this as well – It would be really interesting to know what the public think.

By the way I still can’t decide – I am just so happy that both have been nominated!



4 Replies to “The Award Goes To… Moana or Zootopia?”

    1. Well you need to see Zootropolis! It’s really good. I still can’t decide which to pick lol usually it’s a no brainier which shuts win – like Inside Out totally deserved it over The Good Dinosaur, even though I liked both and good dinosaur affected me more as a parent. The concept of inside out was so brilliant there was no doubt it was the winner. Xxxx


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